Character Details - M. Cheshire

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Physical Description:

Name: Malkav Cheshire; M. Cheshire; Malkav; Cheshire; Jester
Meaning of Name:
Race: Pooka Bastet Kindred(Human Vampire)

Age: Unknown
Apparent Age (if different): Varies
Height: 7' 6"
Build/Weight: 360lbs.; usually humanoid build
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Complexion: Varies
Identifying Marks (if present): Varies
Clothing: Varies
Personal Items usually carried: Varies

Personal Information:
Personality: Unhinged, tending towards dangerously insane, yet seemingly innocuously friendly
Occupation: First Pooka Cat, Father of Insanity, Mirror of Reality, Founder of the Bloodline of Malkav, Jester to the Faerie High King
Skills and Abilities: Six in ten probability of knowing anything; surrounded by a persistent field of constantly warping reality; able to direct this field and re-shape reality at will; various mental abilities involving mind control and how the mind perceives reality; able to project his concepts of reality into the minds of others - as well as making his version of reality REAL. Effects tend to linger, even after he leaves the area. Some become permanent alterations.
Weapons Used: Any, all, and none - when reality is as he wills it, what does he need weapons for? When his reality fails, then he’ll use any weapon he needs.

Background Information:
History: See Below.
Marital Status: Married to the Bastet Goddess of the Moon
Children: Gingersnap Mooncat, and six others just recently; countless Kindred Childers
Blood or Soul Bonds: Connected via Blood to entire Bloodline; Childe (and child) of Caine; Soulbonded to the Bastet Goddess of the Moon

Born within a decade of the founding of the city of Ur, M. Cheshire was the flesh-and-blood son of Caine and a noble Arcadian Faerie-Bastet lady. His father’s curse and his mother’s magical nature affected him mentally; marking Malkav as the first case of insanity among humans. It also granted him strange insights into the nature of reality and how to manipulate it. After the fall of Ur, Malkav wandered the world, learning and mastering his abilities. When he next encountered his father, Caine Embraced Malkav, granting his son an eternal unlife. Being partly human, partly Arcadian Faerie, and partly Bastet(were-feline), the Embrace shattered his view of reality, forever after skewing how he viewed the worlds.

He didn’t take on the name of Cheshire until many centuries later, when it became his commonly used name among the descendants of the Arcadian Faeries, the Changeling Fae. To them, he is the first Pooka cat; the link between Changeling Fae and the Bastet(were-feline) race. He managed to teach some of the Pooka and a few of the Bastet some fragments of how to alter reality or influence the minds of others; and passed bits and pieces of his knowledge on to his Kindred Childers via the Blood and the Curse.

Able to walk between realities, between worlds, and cloak his existence from the minds of others, he soon became lost to the world he had been born into. Existing in a realm of perpetual shadows, mist, and chaos, Malkav - or M. Cheshire - drifted in and out of historical records until even the Changeling Fae doubted he had ever been real.

Because of his reality warping nature, M. Cheshire’s physical appearance varies - though he will try to appear the same every time he encounters someone he knows and likes - in other words, he will try to always look a certain way for those he wants to recognize him. However, if two or more people he met at different times are in the same room with him, each person he knows may well see a different appearance. The one constant SEEMS to be his height - he is always recorded as being tall and usually slim, yet physically powerful.

Given to fits of moodiness, M. Cheshire may be ecstatically happy one instant, depressed and withdrawn the next, and brutally enraged the next - for no apparent reason, or for none an observer can fathom. Part of this can be attributed to the Blood-link he has with each and every member of his Kindred Bloodline. He is aware of each and every one of his Clan’s members’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences at all times. (Think of the members of his Clan as being part of a mass mind, permanently linked via Blood-born telepathy, with him as the founder and master mind guiding it.) When calm, he is generally gentle, and may even come across as perfectly sane. His sense of humor also varies, giving rise to his Pooka nature with the inherent Pranking - which has been passed on to his Kindred Bloodline as well. It is said that he is the most dangerous when he seems the most sane.

At some point in his lonely existence, he married the Bastet Goddess of the Moon, who conceived a son by him - Gingersnap Mooncat - and left the youngster in Malkav’s care. M. Cheshire has managed not to kill this flesh-and-blood son, more or less leaving him to fend for himself, only becoming involved when necessary to protect his progeny. Sometime in the recent past, M. Cheshire once more found himself a father - to a litter of six this time. He may or may not have these six with him when encountered.

There is a legend of a place between realities, surrounded by chaos, where the huge Tree of Life grows - and where M. Cheshire actually makes his home. Branches from the Tree are said to reach into every world, every point in time, giving M. Cheshire access to wherever and whenever he needs to do as he pleases.

Yet for all his powers, he is not invincible. M. Cheshire has been injured on many occasions, usually by people he thought he could trust. He often shelters within insane asylums, losing himself among those who have inadvertently caught a glimpse of something beyond their reality and been shattered by it. He has a fondness for hot tea and tea parties, collects tea pots among other things, and usually can not be found on Thursdays as he is dining with friends then.

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