Character Details - Jon William "Jon-Jon" Giavonni "Hors"

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Who you are talking to totally depends on where you meet him, for "Jon-Jon" is a multi headed dragon and each of his heads has a different personality and as such a different name. As for appearance he almost always looks one of two ways.

 He is EITHER a golden dragon with one head facing you. You have to look REALLLY hard to see more than the one head facing you but there are probably at LEAST two others sizing you up.

OR he is a tall (6'4"- 6'6") slender human with green eyes, golden blonde hair, and a rich golden tanned skin, about 20-30 years old.

 When he is in his human form, what he has on is the deciding factor of who he is.

"Jon" is the dark in House Lightside/Darkside. Those who like him call him "hors" behind his back , for he is the master of all things Equine for his Household on ArenaWorld.  Water, Air or Earth anything that is considered "horse/equine", Jon has two of them in his stable.  For the most part he is dressed in the clothing of a gentleman rancher favoring earth tone colors.

"William"  looks human with the addtion of large black feathered wings. He is usually dressed in an oversized white T-shirt and jeans.

"Jon-Jon" is Always Human. He is J. W. Giavonni an Underworld Mafioso circa 1920-1960. He is a the grandson of the Regional Don and is a Don in his own locale. Friends call him "Jon-Jon", associates call him "J.W." everyone else who knows who he is calls him "Mr Giavonni".  He has been know to shoot any one who dares call him "Jon-Jon" if he does not know them already. He is an enterpeneur of antiquities and informationand two this end read and fluently speaks fifteen different languages including Greek, Latin and Coptic, Egyptian, Sumerian and Phoenician. He always carries a weapon---or three, usually a switchblade knife, brass knuckles and a .357 magnum pistol, a zippo lighter and a pack of Kool cigarettes which he lights but does not TRULY smoke, and a small bag of lemon drops. J.W. in the most evil and twitchy of the heads.

If he is dressed in a Uniform of any kind, he is " Lt.Giavonni". VERY Different and in fact the exact opposite of "Mr Giavonni." Though he too likes lemon drops

And finally there's "Bill of the 'Board". This incarnation is a master of any kind of 'board. Skate, sail, snow or surf, any thing you can travel on on a wide flat board with or without wheels, Bill can do it. Bill also has a soundtrack, a song playing around him apparently coming from nowhere, at ALL times. ( this head has a MP3 Player)

He has a wife, two children-- "Johnson" and "Princess", and three grandchildren.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

David Bowie