Character Details - Captain Joshua David Giavonni DeAngelo "Bull"

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David is the "Lightside" of House Lightside/Darkside. He is most things Jon-Jon is not. He is however like Jon in that he is a mutiheaded dragon with different personalities for each of his heads. However unlike Jon you cannot tell by clothing which personality you are looking at. Each of David's personalities/heads manifests a different form. There is one constant. David's eyes are ALWAYS silver with green flame pupils. 
The one thing you can be sure of is that if you see David WITH Jon-Jon you are talking to the head CALLED "David".

David on ArenaWorld is David "Bull"Lightside.  He is master of all things Bovine, bovid and/or Capira. He shows and fights minotaurs and satyrs. "Bull usually manifests as a human looking male with golden scales and a large set of slightly curved horns in his forehead.  The horns don't always show , especially when he is with his wife and children but they ARE there. "Bull" is "david the demon" though he when he is alone taked the muti-headed dragon form and "talks to himself."

David Giavonni looks like "david the demon" except he usually wears a tailored pinstriped black suit and looks like a hollywood Mafia thug. This is his "thursday persona". He does not talk much at all and leaves the speaking to Jon or someone else. This is because he is listening. As a child, this head was blind and had to ge clues from Jon and the other heads as to what was going on. Therefore it learned to use other senses to get information about what was happening around it.

Joshua is a Pendieran silvereye. Pendierans are sort of a cross between a dog and bear with retractable tentacles in their arms, legs and tail and retactable wings.  They are another planet's equivalent of a canine pet. A silvereye cannot see in the normal since of the word but preceives the world on a different level. This manifestation of David is a collector of children and is part of a legend. He travels the worlds seeking lost or unwanted children to give to those who wish children but cannot have them. A lot of them just stay with him and become his charges. Joshua has a coat filled with pockets. In those pockets are food and shelter and warmth and love for anyone small enough to fit in them. Joshua always carries a black wooden walking stick. He looks like a golden retriever but is the size of a polar bear.

Josh is an impudite demon, a real people person. He feed off pride so he will do ANYTHING to make you proud of yourself or someone/something you care about. Josh is also insane. He looks human except for short horns that are short because the majority of thiere lenght is imbeded in his brain, as a result of a childhood injury. For that reason he is in constant pain which he enjoys.

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David Arkenstone