Character Details - Kellin De'strana

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Physical Description:
*Name:  Kellin De’Strana
*Race: Felinumeara

* Clan: Tiger
*Age: 650
*Apparent Age: 35
*Height: 6’4”
*Build: Broad shouldered, muscular, lean, flexible

*Weight: 275lbs
*Hair: Black
*Eyes: Sapphire Blue
*Pelt Color: Dark orange and onyx stripes
*Identifying Marks: Scar bisecting right eye in  downward slash from the corner of the eye to the bridge of his nose, jagged white scar below his sternum.  Kellin also has no tail as it was hacked off years ago on a job.  He does, however, carry it with him in his pack so that he may be granted Astra’Ka in the event he is killed.
*Clothing: light brown hide vest, black leather breaches, soft black leather boots that reach his knee
*Personal Items usually carried:  Blue tigers eyes set in a silver heart on a leather thong about his neck. 

Personal Information:
*Personality: Loving, generous, kind. Natural teacher, very patient, but also very astute, observant, and cautious.
*Occupation: Mercenary/ Shiala Musra
*Skills and Abilities: Kellin is highly intelligent. He has the natural abilities of his race, which include heightened sense of smell, extremely dexterous, hunting/tracking, excellent night vision, herb lore, cooking, and basic first aid for felinumeara, humans, Jebesh, and drow.  Kellin is proficient in tooth and claw fighting style of his people as well as several forms of hand to hand martial arts, the spear,  the knife, the broad sword, and the short sword, though he prefers that latter.  He can also speak the following languages fluently: Common, Felinumeara, Jebesh, and Drow.


Kellin is also known among the felinumeara as one of the kudukon.  He has glands in the roof of his mouth, like normal cats would,  when air is drawn over and through them give him certain bits of information about an individual that others would not normally have.  In essence these glands act as another of his senses so instead of having just five Kellin has six.

*Weapons Used:  Titanium short sword with a sapphire blue tiger’s eye as the pommel stone.  He also uses various daggers attached in various locations upon his person.  The noticeable ones are the one strapped to his left bicep and his right thigh.

Background Information:

*History:  Kellin history is rather long.  He grew up in the central village of the felinumeara where his father was Shiala Musra of the tiger clan.  He had an average childhood hanging out with his best friends Petra, Trau’gh, and Rhiannon.  Eventually the Del’Felina (his goddess) declared that he should be mated to Rhiannon K’Tral.  They remained so for three years, however, with the death of their daughter, Ginevera, Rhiannon broke their bond.  Thinking it best for everyone Kellin left the village using The Gate to travel to a different world.


Upon arriving there Kellin met the most unkempt woman he’d ever seen named Sissy.  Her hair was mated, face smudged with dirt, clothes thread bare and filthy, and she smelled like a septic tank.  Their friendship started with Sissy bringing him food and then gradually grew from there until she took him home one day.  He lived with her for three years and then came back from hunting one day to find her slaughtered in the middle of their cabin. Filled with rage he’d left vowing to avenge her.


After a year of searching for anyone who had been on Luciana 7 at the time of Sissy’s death Kellin found himself on Dorean 1 a rough, rocky, and rather inhospitable planet.  He had learned several things by then about what had happened to his friend.  Such as the fact there had been three men that happened upon Sissy that day and they had raped her before killing her.  However, he was not one hundred percent sure of this information as it was all second hand thus he’d had numerous false leads or dead ends before ending up in then Rock and Hard Place Saloon on Dorian 1 where he spoke to an oracle named O’lot.


As he traveled about in search of Sissy’s killers Kellin went from Dorian 1 to Argahmauth where he met up with Quison O’Keefe in the local tavern.  Quison took Kellin under his wing, taught him everything he knew, and gave him a place among his mercenary band the Koiaria.  He’d also agreed to help the tiger male find those responsible for Sissy’s murder. 


Three years after Sissy’s death the Koiaria were commissioned to kill a corrupt politician on Brigzor and Quis had decided to deviate from the plan. As Kellin was his flank the tiger male had followed. The warrior guards had just appeared and after a moment of shock both parties had gone at each other with a vengeance. Though they were out numbered he and Quison had managed to get the number down to three when a griptor blade came out of nowhere slicing through Quis like a hot knife through butter. Kellin had dispatched the other three warrior guards and fell to Quis’ side, but there was nothing he could do. Gripping his friend’s hand he’d watched the life slid from brown eyes and screamed in rage filled anguish.


After Quison’s death the band returned to Deleroid, a planet that could be described as the Las Vegas for its solar system.  One of the appealing things about this planet other then the fact you can buy, sell, or win just about anything a person could possible desire both legal and illegal is that of the thirty-six hours it takes to rotate its sun more than half of them are spent in darkness.


It was here that Kellin walked into the Dark Arms tavern and met Lyme Tsarran a half drow who sat alone at the bar.  It struck the tiger male as odd that all the other patrons gave the cloaked figure a very wide birth and would not even design to sit next to him.  Thinking to solve the mystery of this as almost all the patrons of the Dark Arms were exceptional warriors and fighters Kellin pulled up a stool next to the stranger and his friendship with the half drow was forged in the short hours they spent conversing.  Eventually Kellin offered Lyme a place with the Koiaria, which Lyme readily accepted.


Through the next several hundred or so years members of the Koiaria changed infrequently either due to death or some of them just deciding that they were through with the mercenary life.   The later was most often prompted by one of the members finding someone they wanted to settle down with or they were just tired of all the death that encompassed their given profession.


Then about sixty years in Kellin’s recent past his team had been commissioned to take down a slave trader.  It was while he was searching the wreckage of the town the slave trader used to keep up appearances that Kellin found Syblie.  There was something in her huge terror filled blue eyes and sweet small voice that touched him and wound about his heart.  After finishing his job the tiger male took Syblie back to her home world Argoria where he discovered she had two older sisters, Gypsy and Thyne.


The time Kellin spent over seeing Syblie’s return to health forged a bond between the two and after what had happened with Sissy Kellin was not about to let another female he cared for slip through his fingers.  Syblie agreed to become his mate.  This was a fact Kellin kept secret from his mercenary brothers knowing they would not understand nor would they be pleased that Kellin chose to continue being a mercenary with such a weakness as a wife.  Being a devoted and loving husband Kellin snuck away to see Syblie whenever he had the chance sometimes disappearing for weeks on end.


After five years Syblie finally conceived much to Kellin’s delight as his heart still ached for daughter he’d lost.  It was near the end of Syblie’s pregnancy that five huge burly men burst into their bedroom, apparently looking for Kellin’s wife.  The tiger male did his best to defend his mate, but ultimately was over taken.  When he woke he was strapped spread eagle to a veridical table and could see Syblie strapped down across from him various wounds upon her body from being cut.  Enraged Kellin tried to win free of his bonds, but to no avail.  The face of the man that held them was one Kellin would never forget.  He cut the babe from Syblie’s wound, taunted Kellin with it, and then had him beat half to death before having the tiger male’s body dumped on the side of the road where he was found by Gypsy and Thyne.


It was during his time with Gypsy and Thyne that the two women were taken.  Kellin hunted for them for ages, but eventually had to give up as he had no idea who had taken them or why.  Upon returning to his mercenary brothers Kellin refused to talk about what had happened to him, even to Lyme, who had become his closest friend. 

Not long after he’d stopped actively searching for Gypsy and Thyne the Koiaria fell into a trap that was set by the same man that had captured Kellin and killed his wife.  Kellin was forced to watch as the man slaughtered every member of his team except Lyme who was only spared because they had underestimated his magical abilities.  For next several years after this Kellin and Lyme worked to form a new group of mercenaries.  Slowly they gathered another group and renamed their band the Vu’K’Tor, which in felinumeara means Soul Family.


 After the group had been together for at least twenty years Kellin went to visit his father, covertly, aware that if he openly walked into his home village he would most likely be detained since Rhiannon had seemed to convince everyone their daughter’s death was his fault.  He was discovered by Rhiannon’s daughter I’Solde and her mate Adrian Silverbow.  They brought him to the hut of Aloysius Del’Nar where he met a young woman by the name of Cerise.  She had the same pleadings spirit that Syblie had had when Kellin had first met her and the tiger male learned that Cerise had recently won herself free of a tyrant and slave trader that masqueraded as the mayor of the nearby human town of Rumleigh.


After being attacked by the lion clan Shiala Musra Lorn Del’Nar for stepping in between him and Adrian Kellin defended himself and killed his attacker.  Two days after that The Great Weaver and her husband Chronos froze time on CathEska so that seven years passed without any of the inhabitants knowing about it.


  This history is incomplete and I am currently working on finding all the little pieces I have written so I may finish it. 

*Marital Status: Widowed
*Children: Ginevera - Deceased
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

Fei’Lo – Jusnar K’Tral - Father

Aer’Tamdo – Brayden Del’Nar

Aer’Tamdo – Esta Solanso

Nueth’Aer – Cerise Noir Del’Nar

 Aer’Fei’Kno – Thyne Swift - Sister-in-law

Aer’Fei’Kno – Thrace Swift - Brother-in-law

Aer’Tamdo – Aquitain Swift


*Note: Kellin has a bond with all the members of the Vu’K’Tor.  It acts as a beacon inside his mind letting him know when one of them is in mortal danger as well as allowing them to home in on any member’s location. 

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