Character Details - Aloysius Del'Nar

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 16-Jan-2008 11:36:19 am
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Name: Aloysius Del'Nar

Age: 1205

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 275lbs

Eye: Golden

Hair: Tawny

Clan: Lion

Life: Ce'Yar (3)

Bonds ~ Fei'Lo with all his children, Aer’Tamdo Jusnar K’Tral

Appearance: Standing six feet eight inches Aloysius is no small kitty with his tawny pelt and wild golden mane streaked with silver at the temples. His eyes are the color of burnished gold. His face like the majority of the lion clan is all sharp angles coated in warm tawny. He is large and intimidating and like most males his size Aloysius uses this to his advantage whenever possible or if necessary.

Demeanor: There is a seriousness to Aloysius that comes from growing up in the time of the daga raids. Being responsible for the lives of others conditioned the big lion male to take everything seriously and trust his instincts. That is not to say that the patriarch of the Del’Nar family cannot laugh and joke with the best of them. It just means he is more apt to take others seriously as well as literally and not ask question, but go with his gut.

Abilities: As all felinumeara Aloysius is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of his people, tooth and claw. In addition to this he is adequate with a spear and bow. However his greatest ability is in his ability with a sword. Most felinumeara do not us swords, but Aloysius is one of the few that gained the ability and could be called proficient.

History: I am still working on this as Aloysius is not yet fully formed in my mind. He did have a mate who was killed by the humans in Rumleigh. And his occupation is that of a warrior/hunter. He lives in the felinumeara Central Village as is his right being the immediate family of the Lion Shiala Musra.

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