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VALLIANT DE LUZ (Brave one of the Light)

RACE: Elemental Elf/Human


-18 years old (THE LABYRINTH)
-19 years old (ON THE WHIM OF THE WEAVER)


HEIGHT:  6'3''                                WEIGHT:  185 lbs. (Terra)

COMPLEXION:  Light Copper Tan

HAIR:  Short, straight, black hair with medium long bangs



-Tattoo of his people's symbol on the back of his right shoulder blade.

-If you look closely you'll notice that his ears are slightly pointier than your average human but not enough that he stands out.

BUILD : Lean athletic build


Energetic, athletic, and acrobatic. (Likes outdoor activities so that keeps him in shape)


PANTS: Black leather, Low-rise, Boot Cut


-Cotton, Light grey, and sleeveless (THE LABYRINTH)

-None (ON THE WHIM OF THE WEAVER- Got shredded when Terra and him romped around)

SHOES: Black leather, chin high boots

COAT: Sleeveless, down to his knees, black leather jacket (buttoned)

JEWELRY: Silver necklace with a charm in the shape of his peoples symbol (A raindrop, half fire, half palm leaf, and a swirl of wind circling the top)


 Ivory Bow that appears on command
(automatically replenishes itself with silver arrows when used)


Valliant is very curious by nature and fascinated by mostly everything.  He tends to be insecure due to being a half breed and about his abilities due to that.  But when push comes to shove he has no problem relying on his Elemental side. Is a very good listener and puts those that he cares about before himself. Can at times be impatient when excited about something.  Due to his young age he can be a little naïve. Easy to befriend, especially if you make him laugh, very humble, or he finds you facinating.

Very shy around assertive women. Still curious and fascinated by mostly everything. More secure about his abilities but still unsure of how far he can take them. Has a tendency to  be more impatient and not as trustful as he use to be. After getting home from the Labyrinth he began feeling the pressures of being expected to be a leader.

Had begun rebelling a little when ordered to do things and not open to demanding personalities. More stubborn than before he is still capable of being a good listener if spoken to correctly. If he is spoken to in a way that makes him feel infirior he tends to shut down. Pationate about people he cares for but may be more easily hurt by things they do or say to him so may come off a little more hot headed to them. Learning to love and be depended on.





-Likes outdoor activities
-Meeting new individuals


(The Labyrinth)
-Top of his class in Archery

-Learning to manipulate the elements. His powers generate through his hands. An Ora will surround his hands. Ora and eye color change according to element being used- Water-Dark Blue; Fire-Red; Earth-Green; Wind-Purple. When he uses his powers it drains him of his strength. If he tries to go beyond what he has developed he has been embarrassingly known to pass out, sometimes for days till he regains his strength.

-Has the ability to transfor his  body into water unexpectedly, depending on circumstances.

(On the Whim of the Weaver)
-Expert in Archery

-Still learning to manipulate the elements.

-Has the ability to transfor his  body into water unexpectedly, depending on circumstances.

-Can transfor his body into wind on call.

*(As he develops and mastered his powers he will also be able to become part of the elements.)

**(When he masters the five elements he will be able to use electricity.)

Background Information


Born to an Elemental Elven woman with the ability to manipulate/become water. Father, a prince in the human realm, is an unknown Human to Valliant’s people. Known only to his mother, Annabelle, and mentor, Magnus. They have found it necessary to hide it from him till the right time presents itself.

At a young age Valliant showed signs of possible greatness. As a baby his eyes would show the power that was held within him. Whenever he would play in the water his eyes would turn the color of a Blue Sapphire stone. When near a flame they would turn blood red, at times scaring his mother. As he grew older, when playing with his friends in the woods among the trees they’d turn Emerald Green. Sometimes when relaxing, gazing at the sky and the birds that flew in it, they would turn Royal Purple.

On his eighteenth birthday he was one of the few sealed with the symbol of his people tattooed on his back. On his right shoulder blade to be exact, allowing his powers to manifest itself. By his mother he was given a silver necklace with a charm the same as his tattoo (he would learn latter on could be used to communicate with her and his mentor). He was to one day become a leader to his people, a time when all hope would seem to be lost. Till that day he was provided with a mentor- Magnus. Magnus would also serve as his protector. He would teach him about his new found powers and what he would need to know to be a leader when that time came. Magnus also gave him the ivory bow, which allowed him to focus his energy into an arrow.

Though happy with his people he yearned to know more about his other half and find the father he’s never known.

A couple of months after his birthday, while taking a break from his lessons in the forest of Evanwood he stumbled across a silver ball that transported him into the world of the Labyrinth. While there he encountered new dangers and new friends. Learned more about his abilities and who he was. Also learned the importance of controlling his abilities.

Valliant returned from there with a new determination for his studies with Magnus and took it more seriously. Wanting to fully understand what he was capable of. Time had not changed for him when he returned. It was as though he'd never gone but the Silver ball that was once ontop of the Greek column was now gone.

In time more and more was expected from Valliant by the Village leaders and he began to become a little more rebelious. Even Magnus had to yank him away at times so that it all did not become to overwhelming for him. Sending him on small adventures here and there from his realm and at times world to learn valuable lessons in his own time without the pressures of his people.

Soon after his 19th birthday though Valliant went out for a morning hunt and ended up in the world of Catheska where he encountered a beautiful exotic creature named Terra. Taking to her quickly he learned that their encounter was not by chance but all woven together by a being called THE WEAVER, mother to the Felineumera. He was to help them and in return learn more about his abilities. This would take him on a journey into love, parenthood, and battle. Something that would change his life forever.

Marital Status:


Coupled with Terra



Expecting a baby girl

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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