Character Details - E'Rok Del'Nar

Written by AkavCreated : 13-Jan-2008 2:34:44 pm
Last Edited : 6-Feb-2008 10:05:22 am

Physical Description:              
*Name:                                     E'Rok Del'Nar
Meaning of Name:                      n/a
*Race:                                      felinumeara
*Age:                                       877
Apparent Age (if different):         30
*Height:                                    6'5"
*Build/Weight:                           heavy muscled/broad
*Hair:                                       dark blonde
*Eyes:                                       dark citrine
Complexion:                               tawny
*Identifying Marks (if present):      usual small scars from life
Clothing:                                      none
Personal Items usually carried:      ***

Personal Information:                 
*Personality:                             calm under pressure, smart, modest, loyal, trusting devoted to family
*Occupation:                           general carpenter     
*Skills and Abilities:                     
*Weapons Used:                          

Background Information:         
*Marital Status:        single                    
*Children:               ~ 20 from service in the temple (most of his children are adults)                 
*Blood or Soul Bonds:  feilo bonds with his children and his siblings                 

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