Character Details - Tarakona

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Drow Elf, male

4' 6" tall, slim, muscular, lithe

250 yrs. Old (young adult)

Obsidian black skin, white hair, red eyes.

Wears tight trousers, close-fitting tunic, high soft boots, gloves, some armor, pouches, weapons.

Weapons include: Swords, daggers, hand-crossbows, light lance, short bow, magic and psionics.

Inherent racial paranoia(Drow), cautious yet bold - but not reckless. Slow to trust strangers, slow to befriend until he knows more about others. Protective of his mate and children. Fiercely loyal to his love and his Household.

Born into one of the ruling Hoseholds in the Drow City of 1000 Eyes, the City of Insanity. He was allowed to live, and soon proved his worth as both a psionic and the Household Treasurer.

Currently mated to the Underdark Lake Dragon Pearltail Shadowlake, he was instrumental in the survival of his Household during the failure of magic and subsequent collapse of the protective bubble around the city within a creature of chaos. His ongoing relationship with Pearltail meant his birth Household was warned of the impending disaster in time to flee, the bulk of the House escaping as their entire city was engulfed. The ULD Clan all escaped, leading the way for their Drow in-laws to safety far away in the Underdark.

Tarakona has both magical powers and psionic abilities, as well as eidetic memory, all of which aid in his task as House Treasurer - he knows at a glance if anything is amiss within the House Vaults. He is a graduate of the Drow Academy of Magic; the Academy of Psionics, and the Academy of Martial Arts. His father is one of the House Patrons; the House Assassin.

Recently, his mate - Pearltail Shadowlake - hatched out six hybrid babies by him - they are Drow-ULDs. Tarakona actually loves his mate, and would willingly lay down his life for her or their young if it came to that. He knows she is a dragon, and has formed a telepathic bond with her, allowing them to communicate even at great distances. He sees their relationship as mutually beneficial, each complimenting the other's strengths and negating their weaknesses.

Like all Drow males, he has also been trained in physical combat, his magic and psionics giving him an edge over most opponents he has thus far faced. However, Tarakona would rather not fight if another way can be found - and his odd (for a Drow) sense of honor makes the use of poisons a last resort. Totally devoted to his love, he follows her lead, even if it means traveling strange waterways to the Surface world. He has riding as a skill; he can ride the giant lizards used as war mounts, a giant spider, or even his mate - even under water. Tarakona is trained to fight on foot, mounted, on/under water, or from the air. He can cast spells as well as use his psionic abilities in combat.

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