Character Details - Vesta

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Physical Description
Known Name: Vesta (pron. ves-tuh)
Also Known As: Hestia
Race: Fabioni
Age: Immortal
Apparent Age: Thirties
Hair: Long, thick russet-coloured waves that fall to the small of her back when loose but are usually worn up.
Eyes: Silvery-grey
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks:
Clothing: Vesta is rarely seen in anything other than suitably modest and respectable garments. This usually takes the form of a long, classically-styled dress, often with a veil to cover her head.

Personal Information
Personality: The Fabioni are game players, and fanatical about rules. Any agreement made between them is sacred and will not be broken. This is particularly true of Vesta who can at times be more than a little stern and inflexible. She is also considered a little prudish and up-tight by some of the other Fabioni because of her fixation on virginity, both her own and those of her Vestals.
Abilities: All Fabioni are beings who can channel and direct energy from their surroundings and shape it as they please. Being mostly energy and having absolute control over their physical form, they are ageless and immortal. They can, in certain circumstances, twine their energy through the physical form of another being and inhabit their bodies, though there will be perpetual battle between the two consciousnesses. Vesta's particular area of strength is the hearth and home, women, fire and, especially, contained celibacy. These energies are the easiest for her to shape and feed on. If she chooses, Vesta can change her appearance, however most of the time she doesn't bother.
Weapons Used: None

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: Vesta is one of the Fabioni, or Olympians, a group of highly evolved beings who spent some time on Earth during the Classical period, mistaken for gods by many peoples. They were the origin of the god-tales of Greek and Roman civilisations, and many of the Fabioni still very much enjoy playing those roles.

Vesta was one of the more popular and mysterious goddesses of the Roman pantheon, being the goddess of the hearth. In her temple on the Palatine Hill, the sacred fire of the Roman state burned, which was maintained by the Vestal Virgins who were expected to maintain absolute chastity for 30 years. This vow was so sacred that, if it were broken, the Vestal was buried alive in the Campus Sceleris ('Field of Wickedness'). Her festival was the Vestalia, which was observed from June 7 - 15. On the first day of this festival, the 'penus Vestae', the inner sanctum of the Vesta temple which was kept closed the entire year, was opened for women who came to bring offerings bare-footed. The temple was ritually cleansed on the last day.

Other Information:
  • The ass is Vesta's sacred animal, whose braying supposedly kept the lascivious Priapus away.
  • Vesta is antipathetic to Venus. Venus feeds on energy tuned to love, Vesta can't love. She feeds on the energy of contained celibacy, So basically, if one of them is feeding, the other can't, making it difficult for them to come to any kind of accommodation.

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