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Name: Seabhac mac Sealgair (pronounced ‘Shevac mac Shellagar’) meaning Falcon, son of Hunter. Race: Half-Sidhe and half-human. Age: He’s not entirely certain but certainly in excess of 3,000 years. Height: Six feet precisely. Build / Weight : Muscular but lithe, with broad shoulders, long, powerful thighs and strong hands, Seabhag moves with the grace of a dancer – or a wild stag. Hair : Translucent silver, with shifting rainbow colours in the right light. Normally, Seabhac wears his waist-length hair in 49 cornrows tipped with black onyx, red garnet and silvery moonstone beads that catch the light in glimmering sparks of colour. In glamour, it appears to be pale blond and shoulder-length, worn as a pony-tail or loose. Eyes : Ruby-red, but in glamour a warm bright blue. Complexion : A very pale, pure pink-white, with lips the red of rose petals. Identifying Marks : Being an albino Sidhe is usually sufficient, but if that doesn’t identify him clearly enough, look for the man with a ruby growing in his right earlobe, an ermine in his pocket, a gyrfalcon on his shoulder and carrying a Mongolian recurve bow and an obsidian knife. That should narrow it down. Clothing : Allergic to synthetic fabrics (comes out in hives) so always wears natural matierals – leather, furs, wool, linen, cotton or silk. Usually in soft-soled ankle-boots, trousers and a long-sleeved tunic, but uses glamour to blend into his surroundings at need. He always carries a rainbow-coloured cloak of shifting colours, which can be rolled up into a space the size of his little finger or be used to shelter a couple of people at need. He won this in a dice-game with his uncle, Mannannan mac Lir, god of the sea, and he can call on its magic to cause forgetfulness in people by shaking it in a particular fashion between them and whatever he wants them to forget. Personal Items usually carried : Always carries a slender ten-inch wand of rowan wood, which appears perfectly plain polished wood until it’s used magically. At that time, glyphs in unknown languages appear on the wood, glowing silvery-red as if windows opened into another reality. It also comes in useful as worry-wood, a back-scratcher or a light-bulb. Seabhag also has his favourite bow, a Mongolian recurve bow which was a gift to him after he sorted out some gunpowder difficulties the Great Khan, Kublai, was having. He carries an obsidian knife which he acquired in mysterious circumstances in pre-Columban South America. Personality : Keeps a deep inner reserve but is charming, urbane, polished and a laconic but witty raconteur in company. In tight corners he tends to swear in languages so ancient nobody else understands them, and he has a devastating line in insults and curses when crossed. Seabhag has an unshakeable sense of ethics but it doesn’t always match that of those around him, and is pragmatic and ruthless but not cruel. He will kill only to defend himself or others, or to eat, and would sooner cut off his own hand than harm a child or a woman. Fortunately, he can regrow amputated limbs given a little time. He is claustrophobic in man-made spaces, although he’s fine in even the tightest cave, and will get very irritable and jumpy if he has to tolerate a confined space for long. Although generally fairly easy-going, he gets very tight-lipped over any cruelty to animals, wanton tree-felling, open-cast mining and harm coming to children, and never forgets an insult – although he may let it pass for now if the time isn’t right to deal with it more permanently. His natural poise is as polished as a cat’s and is often mistaken for arrogance. Occupation : warrior-wizard. Skills and Abilities : Son of a god of wild places, Seabhag has the ability to converse with most plants and animals, and is skilled in living in the wilds. He has an ermine familiar, Tiger, who lives in his pocket when not draped around his neck, and who specialises in helping him hunt and finding things out on or below the ground. He also has a relationship with a white gyrfalcon, Ghearr, although which would be the familiar would be an interesting debate. Seabhag can call on the gyrfalcon for aid, but must also help the gyrfalcon when called on in return. The gyrfalcon brings him information to do with the winds, skies and air as well as hunting. Both are lively conversationalists. Seabhag learned unarmed combat form masters; kung-fu from the Shaolin monks and tai chi chu’an from an old Taoist monk he met in the court of Kublai Khan. He is more than proficient with either or with a quarterstaff. Weapons Used : Prefers the bow, which which he is formidable, able to hit his mark on foot or on horseback at a range of 350 paces and sometimes even more. His arrows however are all tipped with flaked stone, carved bone or occasionally broken glass (sometimes raw materials are hard to find and he’s good at improvising). Similarly, although he is skilled with edged weapons, he won’t handle anything with an iron or steel blade. This is due to his Sidhe blood, since iron and steel are abhorrent to his father’s people and he finds them distasteful to handle and can’t do any form of magic while touching them. He can use firearms but prefers not to. Being Sidhe, he also uses magic as a weapon at need. Background Information: His father is Garanhir, also known as Cernunnos, the Celtic god of hunting and wild beasts, his mother a beautiful human girl who wandered across his path one day in the woods. From his father’s people, Seabhag inherited magic, a love of the wild places, agelessness and amazing healing abilities, along with an allergy to synthetic materials and a dislike (to put it mildly) of ferrous metals. From his mother, he inherited a sense of chivalry (which has largely been repressed by three millennia plus of wandering around the worlds) and a smile which could turn the head of a god. Although he has visited his father’s people, Seabhag feels more at home in the wild places of this world rather than the Otherworld and chooses to dwell amongst mortals in disguise. History : Born somewhere in Central Europe around three thousand or more years ago (he’s lost track of both along the way), Seabhag has wandered widely over Terra and beyond, learning magic and many interesting weapon-skills and languages along the way. Although at first shunned by his mother’s tribe for his inhuman appearance, Seabhag learned to cast glamours at an early age and rarely shows his true appearance, preferring to hide his red eyes, silver-rainbow hair and slightly pointed ears under the illusion of a blond, blue-eyed human man. When he came of age, he visited his father’s people, the Sidhe, in the Otherworld, and was given a ruby by his father’s mother, which is set in his right earlobe as if it grew there. Like most Sidhe, Seabhag has been worshipped as a god himself from time to time, but he tries to make allowances for this sort of thing. He is known to have visited the court of Kublai Khan, the Shaolin temple in China and the courts of the Maya, the Aztecs and the Incas.. He travelled widely on the northern Asiatic steppes (where he encountered his ermine friend Tiger, so named as a pun for the place, Taiga, where they met) and once sailed with Captain Teach. He travelled with Davy Crockett for a while (but wasn’t at the Alamo) and taught Crockett many valuable tracking and hunting tricks in the mountains. Marital Status : Currently single. Has outlived several previous partners and parted on good terms from most of the rest. Children : He doesn’t mention any but he does like the ladies. Blood or Soul Bonds : Soul-bonded to the white gyrfalcon, Ghearr, and the ermine, Tiger.
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