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KevnKevn Dhubglas

Meaning of his Name:  Kevn means “ridge”, Dhubglas means “black water”

Race:  Avalon Four native – mother was an Albionite, father a high-up member of the Omega Society.

Age:  about 90 Terran years but looks like 40-ish. His work in radionics and using orgone energy has the effect of slowing down his aging process by about 50% - see below.

Height:   5’10”

Build/Weight:   circa 10 stone; rangy, whipcord muscles, pretty fit but looks raddled as he also drinks to excess and peps himself up with his latest laboratory preparations.

Hair:   straggly blonde,

Eyes: blue

Identifying Marks: tattoo of a snake around his wrist which his mother had done for him when he was a little boy.

Personal Items usually carried: an ancient magnifying glass from 18th century Terra.

Occupation:  Kevn is a research scientist from the Omega Society. He works with orgone energy and radionics (see the Orgone Institute and Wilhem Reich from 20th century Terra). His major project has been to use the energy to slow down the aging process in humans by about 50% to date. His work has been based around cancer research, finding ways to stop the cancer sells reproducing out of control and various “accidents” showed him how the orgone energy could be used to do this. as a result, his bosses want him to take the project as far as he possibly can. To do this they have told him to start the cancer process in the experimental humans (lab rats), deliberately using the radionics process to give cancer to various organs in their bodies.

Normally – at least so Kevn had thought until he became one of the star researchers – radionics was used to cure diseases and conditions, not instil them. Now he’s learned different. If the project is likely to benefit the Omega Society then any means are used towards this end.

He is torn. He grew up with his mother in Albion until he was thirteen, then his Omega father took him and put him through school. His father had hoped to have sons by his Omega wives but each had died tragically giving birth to stillborn children. He had given up and gone back to the one son he had produced in an illicit affair with an Albionite woman.

Kevn loved his mother but life was very hard. When his father took him away his life changed radically, no more hunger, want, deprivation, disease. And the learning … Kevn has an excellent mind and wanted to stretch it far beyond anything possible in Albion. His father put him through school and university. Kevn went through with honours all round and went straight into the research team. For many years he was happy working with radionics as a healing force and exploring orgone energy … until the time when he found the way to slow and practically stop the growth of cancer cells. And then how to transfer that effect to ordinary healthy cells.

The Omega society want the age-slowing process very badly, it’s the next best thing to immortality. They push Kevn harder and harder to do more and more and gross experimentation on the Albionite and criminal “lab rats” under his charge. Their suffering under the experiments makes him sick but he can’t see his way out, at least not without dying or being killed.

He wants to get to the causes of cancer rather than just worrying about their cure, or about making immortality potions, “philosopher’s stones” for the elite of the Omega Society. He believes the causes are to do with how people think and feel, their spiritual nature and their innate honesty. His reading in alchemy and in the pioneers of orgone and radionics encourage this belief. However, his Omega masters do not want him to go this way as this would bring up too much that they wish to remain hidden.

Character:  Kevn is a nice person but quite introverted. He’s learned to keep his maternal origins hidden. He’s also begun losing friends because he doesn’t approve of the research he’s asked to do.

He’s sexually repressed because he doesn’t take sex lightly but believes it’s an experience of love. His alchemical reading has confirmed him in this belief. He likes women and is hetero oriented but his feelings are so powerful he finds it almost impossible to flirt.

He’s basically kind but has few social graces and is intolerant of egos, thinking them selfish.

He still dreams of Utopia although all his experience and reading show him that human beings are incapable of making it work. His 90 years of life-experience have made him pessimistic although his heart-nature is that of an optimist. He tends to care for the underdog and is something of an anarchist.

Kevn’s Healing Abilities

Kevn is able to call up his own inner orgone energy (like ki or chi) and use it to cure or as a weapon. His bosses don’t know this about him. He’s not 100% at it as he sometimes loses concentration and screws up. He’s been working with old alchemical texts to learn how to focus this energy on command and he’d like to meet others who can do this sort of thing.

He doesn’t need to touch, usually better if he doesn’t as he picks up the emotional overtones and gets distracted. It can be done at a distance – one of the main purposes of radionics and distance no-object … depending on how good you are! Kevn is still learning so he “wobbles” if he feels the distance is too great. This is a difficulty in him, not in the process, he’s just not experienced enough to be spot on every time at a distance. It all depends on his own emotional state.

If someone was watching him do this, what they would see would depend on them. If they had “sight” in any form then they might see any of the following …

·        Grey or glowing mist, maybe just flowing around the person or perhaps actually moving/growing through/around them

·        Threads of grey, silver or rainbow-coloured “stuff”, transparent, which moved about, sometimes coalescing, sometimes bent or broken.

·        A from like that of the physical being Kevn was working on but transparent and possibly rainbow coloured.

·        Sparkling points of light moving about on the person/creature’s body

·        If they were pretty experienced they might see threads coming from Kevn, maybe his hands if he was using them, or from his brow, to whoever he was working on


What the patient would experience again depends on how conscious they were and how experienced. They might feel any of the following …

·        Nothing at all

·        Heat in a part of their body,

·        Tingling or electric feeling

·        A rush or flow of energy, which might make them feel slightly sick, and/or high

·        The actual etheric threads of their body moving, like some people feel the acupuncture meridians being activated by the needles

·        The actual rebuilding of an organ or limb


If he was going to use it as a weapon he would most likely use it to give the person an illness – e.g. cancer or heart-failure. He’s not really good enough to cause a wound

The effect of using his ability makes him feel good, better than he did before. He knows enough not to use his own energy but to draw on the cosmic source so it enlivens him as well as the patient. He sometimes gets a bit high.

There’s no direct physical, mental or emotional cost to his use of this ability. The emotional cost to him comes about because he gets emotionally involved with people, not because of his healing abilities. If he was nuts enough to use his own energy he would feel tired, drained, emotionally depleted, mentally deranged, etc. Additionally, because he’s using the source he’s not picking up the problems of his patients either.

However, that said, when Kevn “wobbles” then he is vulnerable to whatever his patient has, to getting it himself. He’s also vulnerable to mental instability. And, worst of all, to having his own life-force drained out of him in a sort of reverse-flow.

The energy itself is utterly reliable … however Kevn isn’t always *g*.

His ability would not work if he wasn’t conscious or wasn’t concentrating. And, of course, if he didn’t consciously decide to use it.

Should he come up against someone who was as good or better than him who wished to thwart him then there would be a sort of battle which he could easily lose. The effect would be rather like to magnets pushing each other apart, or two streams of fiery energy meeting and pushing against each other. It could be a useful stunt for a fight.

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