Character Details - Trent Jamerson

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Physical Description:
*Name: Trent Jamerson
Meaning of Name:  Trent – Traveler, journey across
*Race: Caucasian
*Age -Apparent Age (if different): Somewhere around 23 to 27
*Height:5’ 10”           
*Build/Weight:  170 lbs
*Hair: Dark Sandy Brown
*Eyes: Brown
*Complexion: Tanned
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
Clothing: Jeans, t-shirt or shirts
Personal Items usually carried:  Carries what is considered an antique…a switchblade and small paper journal and computer the size of cell phone, voice activated.

Personal Information:
*Personality: On the quiet side, good listener. Slow to anger.
*Occupation: Some might say a continuous student since he is always found in the University libraries
*Skills and Abilities:  Psychic - able to read others thoughts, sometimes able to make suggestions to them.

How this works for Trent:  Trent can be anywhere and can hear anything. 

He learned at an early age that  he wasn’t being polite ‘listening in.’  Maybe that was because when he had been all of five years old his mother caught him hiding outside his father’s library door listening to him and another gentleman talking in low voices. He knew he didn’t have to stand hidden peeking through the crack in the doorway, but he wanted to see the strange man speaking the foreign language.  She had dragged him away telling him how rude it was to listen in on conversations where he hadn’t been invited.  She had sent him to his room, without anything to play with to think on what she had told him.

He had sat there for the longest time totally confused.  He had always listened to everyone’s conversations since he was able to understand what conversation was.  But, he had been listening to them when they were not talking aloud, but thinking the thoughts.  It hadn’t dawned on him till then that what he was doing might be wrong and others couldn’t do it.  Tell then.

Unlike some all Trent had to do was be in a room with people, walk down the street and later as he concentrated on this ability he learned to hone in on family members who were not home and later with Scott.  Scott and he could ‘talk’ across town, whereas he could ‘hear’ his parent’s thoughts.

Technicalities of Trent’s ability:  A natural gift.  He didn’t have to ‘train’ or ‘receive’ the ability to read someones thoughts.  Nor, did he have to ‘train’ or ‘receive’ a gift to send his thoughts to someone. 

What he did have to do was learn to shut out those thoughts.  He called it closing the doors in his mind when he got older.  In his teens he learned that he could hide behind those doors when his friend talked (projected) with him through thoughts.  Together the two boys realized what they could do was something they didn’t want discovered.  Both boys spent a great deal of time studying what was written about telepathy, noting that most discounted it, even in their day and age, how some touted it in so-called magic type shows for public entertainment, and then the other cases that were alluded to and all the things some ‘special’ people were purported to do with just the use of their minds.  In many ways it was still considered not worth studying hence many of the universities had shut down their laboratories in the 2000’s putting their resources in the absolutes.

Both he and Scott decided they were nowhere in the class of the latter, yet they knew what they did was real and could be useful or even harmful.  They didn’t doubt themselves, even though theystill heard that in many places that science did say that humans were still only using ten percent of their brain.  Trent didn't agree with those old theories or stories.  He did believe that man was capable to more then they did, but had a tendency to put themselves in a box, doubting what was considered different and not the so-called norm. 

Weaknesses:  The temptation to trespass into another mind is there at times. Especially when the professors are pulled into special meetings, behind locked doors. 

Or, there are times when he is attracted to a woman…the temptation is there to peek and see if she if she is interested or even to plant a thought or two.  Fortunately, Trent does have some ethics and to date has behave himself.

Summary of Trent's abilities, things that work and don't:

- Trent finds it easier to access the thoughts of close acquaintances than strangers.

- The more he uses his talent, the more proficient he is likely to become, but to date he has only really used it to communicate with his friend and to tap in on family or teachers.

- To hear someone's thoughts, he has to focus on them specifically, as otherwise when he drops his guard he just gets a babble of sound.

- It is potentially possible for him to hear ‘voices’ of the those no longer around that have been through a horrifying experience. This may seem like an incessant buzzing in his head.

- It is potentially possible for others to block him from reading their thoughts.

- There does not appear to be a physical or mental price to his using his talent (but he's not really tested that to the fullest at this stage yet).

- He may struggle to use his talent in a sealed room or against a more skilled practioner.

- If he doesn't use his talent at all, he may lose it completely.

*Weapons Used:  Just that switchblade – if he had to.  And some would consider his mind a weapon.

Background Information:
As he got older he saw some of his friends ‘disappear and were not seen again by their families. These were the friends who were considered the bright ones, those that would go far.

Trent is/was considered one of the gifted children because of his ability to excel in his studies.  His teachers and professors looked upon him as a future teacher but he never let on about his abilities. 

As a child he learned quickly that the words he heard in his head were actually his parent’s thoughts.  He learned to tune them out, not telling them or anyone what he was able to do.  Some would say he ‘shielded’ himself from the bombardment of thoughts coming from others.  As he got older he would tell you he was just opening or closing a door.  A door that if he left closed to long he knew could and would seal shut.  So many times he was tempted to do just that, but there was always the occasion where he found his ability to be of use, especially as a kid at times he found his ‘gift’ to be useful in getting to do what he wanted.  

His parents were professors at the university. As a child he held back from letting his parents be aware of what he could do.  Though, at times when he wasn’t careful, or just to young to know better they did look askance at him and had considered having him tested. 

The testing never occurred.  Both parents came to him, when he was eight years old and told him they were being transferred to a special university and that he would be staying in their home with his aunt as his guardian.  She was just one of the ‘normal’ humans in the family as he dubbed them.

Even at that age Trent had decided he didn’t want anyone to discover his physic abilities.  Oh, he knew he wasn’t an oddity.  He knew there were others who could do what he could and even better.  One was his best friend.  They had made a pact that they would never tell on each other.  They had learned at an early age that ‘you disappeared’ sometimes if you were considered special.  This they had learned from reading their parents and teachers thoughts. He especially didn’t want to be “one of the elite.”

Then his best friend disappeared. They were both twelve at the time.  Both wise in what in they hid. Both rebels or throw backs to the old ways…believing that no one should control them or say they were different, nor did they wish to be guinea pigs. What hurt the most was Trent lost all communication with Scott.  From the night he came up missing to this day he had never had a message through thought or missive.  It was as if his friend had never been.

His bent is or was on becoming a historian, not a teacher. His researches lead him to the discovery of the Omega Society in old books and documents that have been encoded in the old computer systems that are now outdated but he has learned that much can be gleaned from them. He has spent all his time researching, digging and ‘listening’.  There were only the briefest mentioning of the group, especially after the 1800’s.   In his research he found innuendos about technology that had been discovered, places that seemed to be off world. People who were special. The hint of places where one could walk to that other place(s).

Then it seemed as if any mention of the Omega group was mentioned more in jest yet in some instances he felt there had been more but erased.

He would also like to find what happen to his friend. His friend had been just as rebellious as Trent, but too late in hiding his adeptness to twisting the numbers in mathematics as he liked to call it and Trent began to consider that maybe the professors had somehow stumbled on Scott’s ‘other’ ability also.

*Marital Status: No
*Children: No

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