Character Details - Sosie Triff

Written by Aylric TovenaarCreated : 16-Nov-2007 12:56:49 pm
Last Edited : 12-Feb-2008 6:11:50 am

Name: Sosie Triff

Meaning of Name:

Race: Sand Troll

Age: 1,375

Apparent Age (if different):

Height: 7'5

Build/Weight: Hefty

Hair: Straw blonde, pulled back in a bun

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: olive

Sound of voice:

Identifying Marks (if present):


Tattoos and Peircings: Loop earring in each ear

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:


Occupation: Seamstress

Skills and Abilities:

Weapons Used:

Background Information:
History: *Working on it*

Marital Status: Married

Children: 6

Blood or Soul Bonds:

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