Character Details - Egan Cahir Fionntan Alexander

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EganName: Egan Cahir Fionntan Alexander
Meaning of Name: 'little Fire' Powerful white hair defender
Race: Schi (Tuathan/Anaisi)
Age: 14
Apparent Age (if different): 15-16
Height: 5'7"
Build/Weight: 185lbs (terran) built and well muscled,
Hair: White
Eyes: light blue but change colour with emotion
Complexion: abino fair
Identifying Marks (if present): wings like his fathers.
Clothing: leather pants, cloth shirts, anything comfortable
Personal Items usually carried: pendant of his family name

Personal Information:
Personality: mischevious, for the most part happy, insatiably curious, devious streak a mile wide
Occupation: heir apparent to the Che'ris'aif high kingdom
Skills and Abilities: fire like his father but he doesn't have control over it. Other abilites include all the main anaisi abilities, increased healing, strength, speed, agility, senses are sharper, etc. His secondary ability has yet to show up, but he is also becoming an accomplished magic user and is being trained in sword and bow
Weapons Used: archery

Background Information:
History: Born to Galaem Banymn, high king of Che'ris'aif, Egan was raised to believe he was one of the Aes Sidhe, a legendary race of godlike beings that reside in secret in various locales on Aruinnbith. In Che'ris'aif these beings are revered and thought to be lucky. In other places on Aruinnbith such as Draghuin'Chial, the Aes Sidhe are considered trickster spirits that steal children and replace them with one of their own. Egan's life has been idealic and simple from the time of his birth. His father has been an amazing supportor of him and though he doesn't know who his other parent is, he's not lacking for it.

Sentiments against the crown have been worsening since the dragons were wakened. Famine and severe drought have caused tensions to run high. In the last year there have been four revolts, the last one proved fatal for Gaelam who was assassinated in the middle of court. Egan was removed quickly and has been in hiding for the past month, as civil war destroys the continent.

Marital Status: single
Children: none
Blood or Soul Bonds: none

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