Character Details - Luc

Written by Magpie WolfeCreated : 13-Nov-2007 2:41:55 pm
Last Edited : 18-Nov-2007 12:49:18 pm

Luc of the Clever Hand

AGE: 16

HEIGHT: 5’10”

BUILD: slight, lithe, muscular, very strong although he doesn’t look it

HAIR: red-gold

EYES: green


WEAPONS: tai chi master with sword and staff as well as bare-handed

MOTHER: Grymalkyn

FATHER: Myrddyn/Fionn Was born to Grymalkyn while she was prisoner to one of the Hyspanya lords. She was kept unconscious the whole time and so has no memory of having a son. She didn’t know she was pregnant when she set out on the job. The Hyspanya found out, captured her and decided to take the child and train it against her in the hopes that it would kill her however the boy had strong physical and spiritual genes from his parents and …

Uses the following people's images for their avatars: