Character Details - Lissah Del'Nar

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Name: Lissah Del'Nar

Age: 700

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Wheat Blonde

Clan: Lion

Life: K’Igg (5)


Fei'Lo with her father.

Fei’La with her mother.

Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Brayden Del'Nar (brother)

Aer'Fei'Kno ~ A'Yon Del'Nar (uncle)

Aer'Tamdo ~ Alejandro Ku'Tar

Appearance: Standing six feet two inches Lissah is extremely tall even for her race. Her tawny pelt and wheat golden mane of hair which she almost always wears in a thick plait down her back accentuates the sharpness of her angular features. Her a sharp yellow giving them the appearance of a fierce beast that is amplified by her militant demeanor. Much like the rest of her family if Lissah is in a bad mood (which is almost always) just one look will let you know. The best way to describe her body build is to say that she is lean and muscular without detracting from her femininity.

Demeanor: The best way to describe this facet of Lissah is to say she is militant with an over abundance of condescending arrogance. Unlike most of her race Lissah has no tolerance for anyone other than her own clan and in most cases she has very little for other lions. Though her father, Lorn, tried to impress upon all his children the accepting ways and mind set of most felinumeara Lissah was ifluence more by her mother Vella thus her major attitude issues. Most felinumeara stear clear of this female leaving it up to her family to deal with her as she has been known to lash out and be physically abusive. It is anyone’s guess why The Great Weaver lets her live.

Abilities: As all felinumeara Lissah is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of her people, tooth and claw. In addition to this she is adequate with a spear and knife. Once it became apparent that her rebellious nature was not something that she would get over it was decided by the Shia’s that Lissah would not be trained in any other ways that could be used to harm others.

History: Surprisingly Lissah has not lost any of her lives due to fights or duels, but rather to the beasts of the Kelvarian. At a young age (around 100 or so) she took to releasing her need to inflict harm by hunting down the biggest, strongest, and meanest beasts her jungle home had to offer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the Del’Felina has not yet demanded Zandra’Ka where this lion female is concerned.

Currently Lissah is with child and pursuing a relationship with Alejandro Ku'Tar.  She is also working on self improvement; attempting to do away with the twisted perceptions her mother pounded into her and understand life on her own terms.  In other words; think for herself. 

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