Character Details - Awalim Saha - Reverend Mother

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Physical Description:

*Name: Awalim Saha (Junha Saha)

Meaning of Name: Moon child

*Race: Human of R’Kesh

*Age: 102

Apparent Age (if different): appears 38 – 45

*Height: 5’ 2”

*Build/Weight: Barely 100 pounds lean and muscular, wiry slight stature

*Hair: ebony long and sleek usually worn in a single thick braid with a red silk ribbon woven in.

*Eyes: light brown almost gold

Complexion: warm olive toned sun baked skin, still remarkably smooth and youthful

*Identifying Marks (if present): none stated currently

Clothing: solid colored sari in pastel light colors of ecru, tan, rose, blue or green but always a single line of stitching of red thread clearly visible if seen in her street clothes. When indoors she wears only red silk garments.

Personal Items usually carried: currently nothing of note

Personal Information:

*Personality: strictly devoted to her beliefs, cunning, crafty, and will do what she sees necessary to accomplish her goals.
*Occupation: Reverend Mother of a community of the Blood Moon Cult          

*Skills and Abilities: supremely training in the rituals and skills of her community Highly trained skilled assassin

*Weapons Used: highly skilled in all the weapons of an assassin and used by her community

Background Information:

*History: (to be developed)

*Marital Status: virgin

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