Character Details - Wyanth K'Tral

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 23-Oct-2007 10:17:59 pm
Last Edited : 23-Oct-2007 10:48:10 pm

EYES:Dark Blue
MATE: None
BONDS: Felo (all his children)

Appearance: Wyanth is six foot two with jet black hair worn short on the sides but long on top. His features are classic for his race being angular, but not as sharp as one might think. The only distinguishing mark he has on his body is the Aeir’Feno bond mark of a felinumeara “A” that looks like this: on his right shoulder blade signifying he is bonded to his sister Anarra. Like the rest of his race Wyanth wears no clothes and often can be seen carrying either a spear or bow and arrows for hunting.

Personality: Wyanth is usually fun loving and jovial, although, he also has a very strong sense of responsibility and family which each of his children can attest to. Often you can tell his mood by the manner of the gleam in his dark blue eyes.

Unfortunately this is all I can tell you of Wyanth at the moment as he is new to me and I am still developing his personality.

Kee'Aeryn ~ I'Ness ~ Felinumeara (there is a very interesting back story to this child.)

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Keanue Reeves