Character Details - der Teufel

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Physical Description:

*Name: der Teufel
Meaning of Name: the Fiend
*Race: Unique
*Age: Unknown
Apparent Age (if different): Late teens, young adult
*Height: Just under 4"
*Build/Weight: Small muscular humanoid build, with grasping wings that fold to retract beneath two large shell-like folds of cartilage and muscle on his back. Claws on hands, feet, and wings - six inch wing claws; claws can rend stone and metal, as well as flesh and bone. Short tail. Approximately 125lbs.
*Hair: None
*Eyes: Glowing green; at times seem to give off a green glowing mist
Complexion: Smooth, matte stone grey
*Identifying Marks (if present): No external ear structures. Killer maw - mouth opens, lower jaw splits and unfolds, opening up the torso down to just above the waistline. Maw filled with small grasping tentacles, studded with razor-sharp shredding teeth. Also, pair of sharp horns sprouting from top of head. Wings, claws, short tail
Clothing: None (usually)
Personal Items usually carried: None (usually)

Personal Information:
*Personality: Intelligently feral predatory hunter
*Occupation: Secret weapon vs. any magic using being
*Skills and Abilities: Immune to magic, able to absorb and feed off magic, reality-stabilization field generation - range varies depending on last magical feeding. Able to devour human-sized opponents in two bites if maw fully employed; capable of flying, even if burdened with weight of up to 3 fully armored(plate-style powered armor) human-sized opponents. Offal and drool is highly acidic, eating through armor, chains, flesh and bone, dissolving stone. Can see despite lighting and environmental factors(smoke, total darkness, etc.). Strong sense of smell.
*Weapons Used: Claws, teeth, wings, horns, anything that presents itself as potentially useful in situation at hand. Screaming roar to intimidate opponents.

Background Information:

der Teufel, as he is called by those who discovered him, was apparently created during the final days of a horrific war, where magic and technology were used to nearly destroy the world. Discovered in a ruined laboratory during the ending hostilities, der Teufel was supposed to be destroyed, along with all the other weapons of destruction. He was smuggled out by one of the guerilla leaders, who tortured him to force his obedience and kept him in chains. Malnourished, abused and neglected, der Teufel watched and waited for decades before his chance of escape finally came. Considered an animal, he has shown a level of intelligence possibly greater than his creators intended. When he communicates, it is usually via screams and roars, growls, grunts, moans, and whines - der Teufel does not seem capable of humanoid speech. Whether he can understand language, or read is unknown. Considered highly aggressive and dangerous, der Teufel shows no higher emotions.

During his captivity, der Teufel was often tortured and controlled with electrical shocks - tasers, cattle prods, electrified plates, electrified chains, electrified capture forks. He has come to associate the scent of ozone such things create when they are charged (ionization of the air around them) with the sensation of pain their use creates. His handlers typically wore powered plate armor, with electrified outer plating to deter or slow his attempts at devouring them. This, combined with ice cold blasts from fire hoses, was often how he was handled. Rare rewards were usually meals of weak magic using beings, or the opportunity to mate with imprisoned non-magical captives.

It is not known how - or even if - his creators intended to control der Teufel once he was released onto the battle field. All records of his creation were destroyed in the attack that uncovered the laboratory’s existence. Physical non-magical weapons can injure him, although he recovers rapidly, and sensations of pain drive him into a rage. Psionics have no discernable affect; telepaths get only a jumble of raw animal feelings and scrambled sensory input. He has never become ill, nor infected, and if he has any vital organs, their locations are unknown. No known drug seems to have any effect on him. His skeleton is very strong and lightweight, a dense network of molecular structures unlike anything seen before. The same material forms the core of his horns, teeth, and claws.
*Marital Status: N/A
*Children: N/A
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None currently. Theoretically, der Teufel could be Bonded; though anyone attempting to do so would likely get eaten.


der Teufel does not think the same as most intelligent beings. He exists to devour any magic using being, absorbing the magic into himself, feeding off the energies released. This may mean he will attack to immediately devour, or he may stalk to force the release of magic so he may feed - or he may do something totally unexpected. He gains nourishment through eating meat; but he requires magic feeding for his well-being. His horns are weapons, sensory, erogenous, and project the reality stabilization field in a variable radius around his form. der Teufel has only ever known pain at the hands of others. It might be possible that if a person were to gently stroke his horns, he would allow them to live - though getting close enough to do so without getting eaten may be the real trick. He detects magic use within twenty miles, and is attracted to any gathering of magical beings or use of magic within his range. When hungry, der Teufel drools heavily, leaving large puddles of acidic goo in his wake. He can - and often does - void on the wing; spraying highly toxic acidic offal over everything below. During captivity, he was painfully "house-broken" to use a special lavatory. der Teufel has no scent himself, though his offal reeks of acidified sulphurous compounds. Usually after voiding, he will seek out someplace to bathe, ridding himself of the stench. Any source of relatively clean water will do for this. der Teufel gets all necessary moisture from his food - he never drinks. It is possible that der Teufel could be used to uncover magical artifacts of great power, as such things may well attract him the same way a gathering of magical beings does. Theoretically, a powerful enough artifact might feed him for an extended period of time, freeing him from the driving need to hunt and feed off of magical beings. How der Teufel might react to such a turn of events is unknown. Sudden intense heat causes pain, sudden intense cold slows his reactions and thinking.

Unknown to anyone except der Teufel, might be discovered through interaction:

der Teufel is actually a survivor from a world that died when its sun went super-nova. He had flown beyond its atmosphere, trying to flee a world that was no longer able to support him - there was no magic left to devour. He was hybernating, adrift in space, when his world's sun exploded, hurling him and debries across the galaxy. He arrived encased within a meteor, crashing into the planet where he was later found, as he awakened to seek out and feed off this new world's magic.

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