Character Details - Mitch Grayson

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 17-Oct-2007 5:11:59 pm
Last Edited : 17-Oct-2007 5:18:33 pm

Height: 5'6

Weight: 220 solid muscle

Hair: Light brown *sort of scraggly looking*

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: light tan

Identifying Marks: None

Bonds: None

Married: No

Children: No

Weapon: None at this time

Personality: Out going, easy to get along with until he gets angry, then he's like a bull in a china shop. He becomes blind with rage and will not stop until the fight has ended.

He enjoys a good meal, and drinks on rare occasion's. He prefers fruit drinks over water, but will drink it if nothing else is available.

He also enjoys the company of a good woman, and goes out of his way to please her. He had a girlfriend named Samantha but after his death, he's lost contact with her.


At the age of eighteen he enroled to become a Knight of the Crystal Rose. Four months after becoming a knight he, his best friend Drake Cole and their fellow knights went to battle against a crazed Mage. During the battle everyone dies, including Mitch, leaving on sole survivor.

His bet friend Drake Cole.

The medallion he wore was taken from him and remained with Drake, until he came across his soul mate. Willow Merlin. As a gift, Drake gave Mitch's medallion to her.     

He was resurrected from the medallion worn by Willow Silverwing. A spell had been placed upon it ages ago, locking a part of his soul within it. If Merlin, the world were ever in danger he, and the other knights would have returned to fight once again. But Drake Silverwing had taken the medallions from the fallen knights and buried them deep within a crypt. 

Mitch has now returned once again, to help save Merlin.  

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