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Physical description:

Magpie WolfeName:
Magpie Wolfe. It is rumoured that Magpie Wolfe once had a different forename, but nobody knows what it might once have been – or if they do, they aren’t saying! Magpie could be a nickname derived from her kleptomaniac fascination with small shiny (hallmarked) objects.

Race: Uncertain. At least one of her parents wasn't human, as she's an accomplished shapeshifter.

Age: She’s not admitting to more than about thirty or thirty five years but it could well be several centuries, since small valuable objects have tended to disappear in ways that are remarkably like her modus operandi for some time….

Height: As a human, about 5’5’’. In shapeshifted forms (she prefers those of a wolf or a magpie but can assume any form she wants) she takes on the appearance of the species she’s shifted into.

Build / Weight : As a human, she is a slender, tending to thin, woman with a wiry build. In shifted form, see under ‘height’.

Hair : Magpie has black hair with a white stripe from her right temple to right ear. When undercover in human form, she dyes this black.

Eyes : Amber-yellow, like a wolf.

Complexion : Tawny, darkening to pale chocolate when she’s out in the sun too much.

Identifying Marks : None known.

Clothing : Usually wears whatever looks ‘average’ for her surroundings. Likes black and white if left to her own devices.

Personal Items usually carried : None of her own - but do make sure you check your valuables before she leaves town…

Personal Information:

Personality :
Extremely reserved, Magpie is hard to get to know. She can be very good company when she wants to be, and knows how to switch her charisma on and off at will. Never been known to swear or lose her temper, but sometimes goes very silent under the kind of circumstances where others would have a good therapeutic rant.

Occupation : Freelance bard, wandering herbalist, storyteller, occasional drummer, spy and assassin (rumoured to have trained at The School on Yardoz). Frequently a thief, sometimes of information (useful as a spy) but often of small pretty valuables.

Skills and Abilities : Magpie can blend into the background expertly, but has formidable weapons skills and hand-to-hand skills in a tight corner. She is a master of the blarney and can talk her way out of most problems if given the chance. She is a skilled dice-player and card-sharp, plays both bodhran and djembe drums superbly, and being a herbalist, can find food and medicines anywhere there’s greenery growing. She is a relentless tracker and hunter.

Weapons Used : Any. She has a knack for pointing the dangerous end of anything at other people and finding the trigger mechanism at need. If there’s not even a rock on the floor she can pick up, she is quite capable of using hands and feet to kill, and if even that is impossible, she’s liable to adopt a form with teeth and claws instead.

Background Information:

History :
Magpie Wolfe apparently has no kindred and doesn’t seem to feel the lack. She’s been on her own a long time, relying only on her own resources, and although she can be a team player, she will always be watching for her companions to turn traitor or go off on their own. The moment they show signs of wavering in their purpose, Magpie will be leaving town before it all goes pear-shaped for good. Her fascination with other people’s portable valuables is the reason she’s on the authorities’ ‘would like to talk to’ list in so many places where personal items of value have disappeared, and if she’s recognised in any of these places, she will automatically be suspected of any theft in the vicinity and any companions will come under suspicion as well. This leads to heavy surveillance and sometimes interrogation / searches which can be inconvenient. Magpie is, however, a very good and useful companion in the wilderness or in tight corners. If you can allay her natural suspicions about your trustworthiness, she is a resourceful and courageous person, and her skills in gambling, medicine and theft can be valuable. She has the ability to track anything she wants to, and this includes good meals, warm sleeping places and safe refuges in times of danger. If she can’t talk her way into food and shelter, she always manage to find a dice or card game that will get her in anyway…

Marital Status : Single, but is prone to one-night-stands or even short relationships if he’s handsome. Or has small trinkets around.

Children : None. Probably as well.

Blood or Soul Bonds : None.
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Magpie Wolfe