Character Details - Bordella du Mordain

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Bordella Andale Bastianelli du Mordain

Height: 5'9"
Frame: Reed slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Age: 968

Bordella is a cursed vampire. Who cursed her is a mystery to the reader but she has been cursed for 500 years. Men cannot touch her skin without her feeling pleasure therefore she avoids touch. She doesn't touch others (including women) and does not let them touch her usually. Because she is so old she does not need to feed very often and she can go out during the day but is highly sun sensitive rather like an ultra sensative albino would be so she must be covered from head to toe. She does tend to be nocturnal by nature therefore it's rare for her to come out during the day.

Bordella is a wanderer with an unknown (to the reader) source of wealth. In truth she is seeking a means to break the curse and her money is sent to her by a relative whom she left in control of her estates and money. Where she comes from is also a mystery.

To say she is a tortured soul is a bit of an understatement. She is alone and lonely, feels the weight of her curse everytime she sees the happiness of others who are free to touch each other. She longs to break the curse and find a mate. She knows better than anyone the difference between pleasure and happiness.

Bordella possesses a few powers. The powers that she was born with are an acute sense of hearing, smell, and sight which includes the ability to see in the night as if it were day. She has extraordinary strength and can materialize and dematerialize as long as she knows where she is going to. She cannot just materialize in a place she's never been and does not know. With humans she has the power to devine their thoughts and emotions. She can also control her own body in the sense that she can heal it herself if needed, go without breathing, stop her blood from dripping if cut, things of that nature. Powers she has accumulated throughout the years are the power to see through animate object such as walls and doors and carriages etc. She also has telekinisis - can move objects with her mind.

Bordella's weaknesses are few since she is an Immortal being. Being staked in the daylight is probably the most famous one. Another weakness involves her mate. Once mated if her mate chooses to abandon her she can die of a broken heart. She would lose the ability to heal herself and would begin to fade away. It isn't an instantaneous thing but rather something that happens slowly over time as her soul whithers away.

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