Character Details - Brianne de Valois

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Name: Brianne de Valois

Age: 600+

Race: Vampyre

Apparent age: early 20's

Height: 5'4"

Build: slender but curvy

Hair: Ashy blonde curls, usually worn long

Eyes: Green

Complexion: Pale, but not unnaturally so

Identifying marks: None

Clothing: Depends on her mood

Personality: Snobbish, somewhat pretentious, and quite protective of her house

Occupation: Ascendant of House Valois

House: Valois

Skills and Abilities:  Brianne is  an accomplished artist and musician, as well as a diplomat.  She was raised to court life and is excellent at the art of double-speak so often employed by courtiers and royalty.

History:  Brianne is one of the eldest of House Valois, now that the majority of the leadership has been wiped out in the raid on House Magus.  She has taken the role of Ascendant fairly easily, having been groomed for power since she was very young.  She was young when the family lost their grip on the more human side of themselves and she watched as the gene that made her a vampire turned weaker souls ill and insane.  After the deaths of her cousins, Francois, Charles and Henri, the family retired from human politics. 

She has been instrumental in developing the house secret  that allows the house to bottle and preserve blood for later use, allowing them to use the actual feeding from the vein as a sensual pleasure more than a necessity.  The Valois find the act of injection to be repulsive, as they believe that humans are there to serve Vampyres. 

Marital Status: single

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Mena Suvari