Character Details - Quitrick Selonso

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 25-Sep-2007 9:27:52 pm
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Physical Description:
*Name: Quitrick Selonso (member Del’Nar family)
Meaning of Name: N/A
*Race: Felinumeara/ Lion
*Age: 716
Apparent Age (if different): 25
*Height: 6'3"
*Build/Weight: broad, muscular
*Hair: Tawny
*Eyes: Light Brown
Complexion: Tawny
*Identifying Marks (if present): N/A
Clothing: Doesn’t wear any
Personal Items usually carried: N/A

Personal Information:
*Personality: Very serious when need arises, but on the whole easy going & helpful
*Occupation: Shia of Feasting
*Skills and Abilities: Tooth & Claw, hand to hand, hunting, tracking, enough herbology to know what not to eat, and basic healing.
*Weapons Used: Spear, Long knife, Bow

Background Information:
*History: For reasons only known to The Great Weaver Quitrick has never been allowed to serve as Shia’Kno in The Temple and he has no female interest at this time. Thus he also has no children, which is an incredible oddity for a felinumeara.
*Marital Status: N/A
*Children: 0
*Bonds: Fela to his mother Esta Felo to his father Kraze

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Justin Torkildsen