Character Details - Aurewen Al'Teron

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Aurewen AlTeronPhysical Description
Name: Aurewen Al'Teron
Meaning of Name: Day Maiden - Blessed Emerald Stars
Nickname: Aura, Aurora
Race: Half-Aarataurean Elf, Half-S'Hean Elf
Age: 3 months old, as of the start of The Awakening
Apparent Age: As above
Hair: Long, pale blonde curls
Eyes: Pale Green
Complexion: Porcelain
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks:

Personal Information
Abilities: Like all S'Heans, Aurewen has a tie to her native land, but through her Al'Teron bloodline this is far stronger than it is for most. To her, the land is alive, and she can sense its moods. She also has a particular affinity for water, both because of the S'Hean love of the element and because the magical abilities inherited from her Aarataurean mother lean heavily in that direction. Aurewen shows the potential to be a strong mage of the water and aethyr elements when she is adult.
Weapons Used:

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The daughter of Rem'Sero Al'Teron and Faelwen Helinyetille, Aurewen was born in Nenlante, S'Hea.

Other Information:
  • Aurewen's soul is pale green in colour, the same shade as her eyes, and resembles a galaxy at rest. The heaviest concentration of stars lies at the centre of the galaxy.
  • As per Aarataurean custom, when she was born Aurewen was given a gemstone. In her case this was an Al'Teron emerald, a pale green precious stone from Whispin. She will be given another one on every birthday up to and including her twenty-first year, at which point they will be made into a necklace - her 'birthstone necklace'.

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