Character Details - Alita Navayolta

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Physical Description:
5' tall, Mongolian features, dark skin, dark hair, blue eyes. Trim, voluptous, very physically fit build with an air of poised regal command. Well groomed; no identifying marks or scars.
Always stylishly dressed, loves white furs and leather. Not a trendy dresser, tending more towards classic glamor than bling. Enjoys wearing bright colors that offset her skin and hair. May also be found wearing riding apparel. Clothing tailored to best display her figure, no matter the style. Footwear, though stylish, is always a practical design - no six-inch stiletto heels for this lady.
Alita Navayolta is a lady and has been an ambassador for nearly two hundred years. She is very well versed in politics, diplomacy, and the fine art of tolerance and grace under pressure. Her bloodline is ancient and powerful, stemming from hardy stock in the Southern Stepps of Russia. Never stuffy, she enjoys the modern convienences and concepts, often throwing lavish gala events and always putting in a show at anyone else’s. Alita is very social, enjoying mingling with the nobility, notables, and celebrities of all four of Alter-Terra’s races. Often playful yet respectful, she has nonetheless taken on a traditional Vampyre role - Alita is keeping a ghoul, one Frik Vidar. She enjoys giving the impression that Frik is a possession - it helps protect the vociferous youth from the more violent and twisted Vampyres Alita often must associate with - and even though she can’t picture him as a lover(Frik’s way too young for her), she allows others to think what they may. In reality, she views him as more of a confidant and companion, a trusted daylight bodyguard.
The Navayolta bloodline began as nomadic horsemen in the Russian Stepps hundreds of years ago. They made their fortunes through horse breeding and training, providing the Cossack armies and Czars with fine warmounts. Every Navayolta ever born is an experienced horse rider, trainer, and handler, keeping thriving stables of fine horses even today. Alita is a grand example of the Navayolta bloodline in their heyday, following after her powerful father - an elder Vampyre from before the rise of Rome. She maintains a stable of over twenty horses, riding each of them regularly to insure they remain properly trained.
Originally from the southern Russian Stepps, Alita Navayolta was turned in 1761. She traveled Europe and Asia as a Vampyric Ambassador for over 150 years before relocating to the "New World" and retiring.
When the Faerie Court returned, Alita was once again called on to fulfill the role of Vampyric Ambassador - this time to the newly-returned Faer nobility, as magic once more washed over the world. She filled this role admirably from 1911 to 2001, when she once again stepped down

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