Character Details - Lorelei

Written by DGCreated : 16-Sep-2007 11:14:14 am
Last Edited : 26-Mar-2008 2:31:27 am

Lorelei is a conceptless character. I am making it up as I go along. 

Thus far Lorelei is a 5'5" curvaeous female wandering the lands. She is a wine merchant/ maker  but she loves to dance and singer. She is "american idol" quality in her singing but it is some thing she does for fun.

She is also from ArenaWorld where reality TV and Las Vegas style gambling comprise their entire existence. The planet was originally colonized and terra-formed by a genetically engineered race known only as "Speeders", and later conquered and reterra-formed by a consortium for the sole purpose of exploitative entertainment

I can tell you far more about the world than the character - it's got more of a concept behind it than she does.

She is owned by a household formed by second generation Arena World owners, who just happen to be a red dragon and a gold dragon, as their "Keeper of Terran Mythological Creatures" (Centaurs, Minotaurs, Saytyrs, small Dinosaurs, etc.) for show and battle.

 Her little brother keeps the Unicorns, Pegasi, Nightmares, Hippocampii, and Hippogryphs.

Uhm, ....

She has dark hair, looks roughly like the avatar picture, .......... and I'll get back to you on the rest. Soon as I know it.

In Human only places Lorelei looks the same but she is a shy "factory drone"  as she put it "working for a liitle better than minimum wage at a job, I can't stand with people who don't speak my language, so I am pretty much alone all day in a room full of people."

The exception is History where she is a schoolmarm.

This character has no avatar at the moment.