Character Details - Trey'Gan Al'Teron

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Race: S'Hean Elf
Height: 6'2
Hair: Black
Eyes: Peridot Green
Actual Age: just over 3000
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Ranger~ Member of the House Guard ~
Appearance:  Trey is built like most S'Hean's, tall, muscular, and stocky. The peridot coloring of his cat slit eyes is made more startling by black hair and deep tanned skin. He prefers to wear soft leather pants, vests, and flexible leather boots in earth tones which only compliment and add to his rich tan skin tone.
Demeanor:  Very fun loving and easy going Trey usually takes most things in stride not letting little things worry him.  However, as a ranger and a member of the house guard has also honed his skills to pick up little details that most others would not notice.  This talent has not made him paranoid, but only a bit more cautious than most others might be. 
As all S'Hean's Trey has a great love of water as well as the land.  Whenever his duties allow him to he will go out on an assignment or two into the wilds just to be in his natural element finding a freedom from the walls and buildings that helps him to keep his sanity.  However, he also has no problems buckling down and being responsible when it comes to his duty to his King and his life in general.
Abilities:  Trey has all the normal abilities that one would expect a person in his profession to posses.  Archery, tracking, hunting, keen senses, agility, etc. Although, Trey has the innate magic of his race he never showed much interest in it so is limited to being able to open a portal, but that is about it.
History:  Trey is the nephew of Taurn Heru (High Lord) Rem’Sero Al’Teron and his father is Trey'Ar Al'Teron.  Being of a noble family Trey received the best education possible, though he really only cared for the lessons concerning science and nature, and was an average student until he was taught his ranger skills by Twig Al'Teron who just happened to be his cousin.
(okies as this is a revised new character I will be adding as I learn stuff and have a clearer picture of life as a S'Hean Ranger .. so check this periodically as I may have altered it.)

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