Character Details - Frik Vidar

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Frik Vidar

(Frederick Tree Warrior)

Physical Description:

5'6" tall, wiry athletic build, sharply pointed ears, pale skin, amber eyes, dark brown-black hair worn short except for a long top-knot. All four canine teeth are sharply pointed and double jagged. All teeth are bright - almost luminescent - white. Thin, angled eyebrows over large, almond-shaped eyes. Might weigh as much as 100 lbs.; most likely weighs less. Looks to be maybe 13 years old. No facial hair. Racially, Frik looks to be a mixture of human, elven(Faer), and perhaps something else(Lycanthrope).

Identifying Marks:

Intricate celtic knotwork pattern on chest(light blue-green coloration), large tattoo of Helios(the sun) on left shoulder, large tattoo of Lunaris(the moon) on right shoulder, blue full moon with golden wolf seated howling centered in it on left (rear) hip, intricate runic-style tattoos wrapping around arms and legs. Under certain lighting conditions, shimmery mystic runes glow along the length of his spine. Behind right ear, tattoo of circle of thorns(Alita’s mark). Fading scar running along the inside of right leg from below knee to above ankle; also fading scar from large puncture wound in right foot. Still limps slightly. Both ears have multiple piercings running from lobe to tip.


Depends on situation and who he’s with.

If he’s being led around by Alita, he’s wearing leather pants, silk T-shirt, boots, and sleeveless duster. Might include body armor on torso, arms, and legs if situation warrants it. Alita will most likely have him on a leash, as well. Dog tag ID; might be gagged or his lips sealed with a seal of silence.

Alone, he wears jeans and T-shirt, with sneakers.

In private, a towel or nothing at all.

Asleep, Frik is nude.


Frik is ghouled to Alita Navayolta, a Vampyre by birth from the Southern Steppes of Russia, on Alter-Terra. As her ghoul, he has some of her blood within him, magically transforming him and interacting with his own magical nature. This makes him stronger than he appears, and grants him longevity, youth, celerity, and remarkable powers of self-healing. He is blood-bound to Alita, fiercely loyal to her, and enjoys his public and private roles as her ghoul. Frik is allergic to silver and to willow-wood; either one will leave burns on contact with his bare skin. He can drink his own weight in alcoholic beverages without becoming intoxicated; but if he drinks hot tea sweetened with honey, he becomes intoxicated very rapidly. He can’t get fat, despite his love of food. He has been known to curdle milk just by being near it. Frik always has some money on himself whenever he needs it - but never has any whenever someone tries to take it. He has a long dagger made of some silvery, glass-like substance(glassteel); which never shows up on x-rays, metal detectors, chips, cracks, or breaks. Frik’s dagger can’t be turned against him - it can’t cause him harm. It returns magically to him whenever thrown, taken, or lost - it vanishes and re-appears. Frik avoids "holy ground", finds church bells irritating, and has a natural affinity for animals and magic. Frik’s magic is instinctive - no spells as such - and thus far unconscious. He has a cell phone that will work only for him or for Alita - it appears inert to anyone else - and it never needs re-charging or runs out of minutes(it is actually a reformed magical artifact of communication).


Frik is spiritedly hedonistic, with mildly masochistic tendencies. Completely loyal to Alita, he nonetheless is more outspoken in public than she would like - or is healthy for him. Able to survive in the depths of the city streets or the lost places of the wilderness, Frik is somewhat out of place at Alita’s shoulder in her social galas. Despite his loyalty, he often does little things to stir trouble up - causing her to call him out and discipline him.

When he’s away from Alita, he’s still the same - only he doesn’t depend on her to shield him from the violence his mouth often triggers. Alone, Frik is well-prepared to stand on his own. He hates being gagged, or forced to remain silent. He loves Halloween(Samhaine)[his birthday], and anything "gothic". Frik absolutely HATES "Christmas elves".


Publically, Frik’s parents were wealthy, active members of a large eco-terrorist group, who were killed in the oil fields of Alaska by security forces of a well-known megacorp conglomerate. Orphaned before his tenth birthday, Frik was left to the care of his parents’ "best friends", who dumped him on the city streets as soon as they discovered that the Vidar family fortune had been left to the eco-terrorist group his parents were part of.

Penniless and abandoned, Frik survived for almost three years on the streets, doing whatever he had to. He eventually caught the attention of a powerful local Vampyress - Alita Navayolta - who took him in and made him her ghoul, treating Frik as a favored pet. Although not always totally obedient - and often too outspoken for his own good - Frik is completely loyal to her, even to the point of twice risking his life to protect her - once against another Vampyre(a rejected would-be lover of hers), and again, against a group of Vampyre Hunters. Frik appears to be her submissive companion, a toy for her whims in public. In private, he is her confidant and daylight protector.

Unbeknownst to almost anyone, Frik’s father was the half-Faer descendant of Prince Tamlyn’s line, heir to part of the Faerie Court, and all the powers inherent in the blood. His mother was the Lycanthropic heiress to the Bluemoon Clan’s royal line, granting him all the powers of her transforming genetics and the rulership of the most powerful Lycanthrope Clan. He has yet to transform - something that usually happens during the onset of puberty - and has just begun to feel the stirring of Tamlyn’s Faer magic in his blood. How the introduction of Alita’s Vampyre blood into his system will affect him remains to be seen - but it is certainly already working alterations as it combines with his own inherent magical nature. In essence, Frik is all four races of Alter-Terra combined - Human, Vampyre, Faer, and Lycanthrope. This is something long thought impossible, a true aberration. How these racial traits may interact and what effects the blending of these variant magical powers will create is a major unknown. If the Faerie Court, the Lycanthrope Royalty, the Vampyre Elder Council, or the Human Genome Authority ever find Frik, he will most likely be studied under a microscope - for a very, very long time.

Frik enjoys his roles as Alita’s pet - even when she publically "chastises" him for his outspoken, sometimes disobedient nature. He trusts her, knowing the Vampyress would never allow harm to befall him, and gives every sign of being properly contrite afterwards. He understands Alita is trying to protect him from the more violent-natured Vampyres in her social circles, but can’t help taunting or insulting them from time to time. He often does this when boredom overwhelms him during her many social gatherings, which is why Alita often seals his lips with a seal of silence(glyph which renders him temporarily mute), or a physical gag.

He is aware - acutely so - of his allergies to silver and to willow-wood, though he is not certain what they allude to in his heritage. Frik knows he has truly angered Alita when she uses a willow wand bound in silver wire to discipline him. All Frik knows of his heritage are his parents’ names. He has guessed that some of the markings and tattoos on his body might carry more information as to who - or what - he is, but is as yet unable to read them. He doesn’t know he is part Faer, or part Lycanthrope, imagining himself to be merely a human ghouled to a powerful Vampyress from an ancient bloodline. Thus far, all his magic use has been unconsciously done - a reflexive defense, if you will. He is puzzled by the dagger that appeared when his parents died, but has accepted it as a mystery gift that has often saved his life. He finds the ability to curdle milk both funny and bothersome - never getting a glass of chocolate milk, always getting curds and whey instead. He thinks nothing of always seeming to have money when he needs it - even if he was just searched and had none moments before. Frik has always been able to understand and communicate with animals, giving him an edge on surviving in the wilderness - as well as in the back alleys and ruins of the city streets.

Frik has never been formally schooled, getting the bulk of his education from the streets of the city. Alita has given him a basic grade-school education, glossing over subjects which seem to lack relevance given his current situation. Her main focus seems to be on teaching Frik the proper way to behave and speak - or NOT speak - in public.

One thing Frik has been learning, as the magic has begun stirring in his blood, is that there are many, many versions of Alter-Terra out there - and many other worlds, as well. He knows there are ways to enter those worlds, ... only he doesn’t know HOW he knows this, or why the knowledge seems so important. He has found one of the ancient portals used by the Faer to flee and return to Alter-Terra, and feels the call of strange places beyond his world’s borders. Thus far, he has kept all of this to himself, not even thinking of telling Alita any of it. Why, he doesn’t know - it just seems the right thing for now.

Favored quote:

"That would be so cool, if it weren’t about to be the last thing we ever see."

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