Character Details - Haddy Holm

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Name: Haddy Holm
Species: Selkie-folk (Seal-folk)
Occupation: Ship's Cook aboard The Maledict
Age: 36
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125
Hair: Silvery
Eyes: Dark, liquid, pleading, gorgeous
Complexion: White, unmarked
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Typical ships clothing, and a stained apron.
Skills: Quite good at swimming, and an excellent cook
Weapons: Her ever-present wooden spoon, and whatever she can get her hands on (typically pots and pans)

History: One day, a beautiful young seal maiden decided to sun herself on some rocks, as is typical of the selkies. She laid her seal-skin by in the sand, and soon fell asleep in the warm summer air. Her silver hair was the beautiful color of her seal-kin, her eyes the large, dark eyes of a seal, and her skin unblemished and new.

A young human man, rather acne-covered, gangly and greasy (he didn't have much luck with other human girls) saw her napping in the sunshine and fell in love (well, more likely, lust), and quick as a seagull, snatched up her skin and ran away with it. As is the case with selkies who have lost their skin, Haddy (not her seal-name) sought out the young man soonafter, and pleaded with him to give her skin back, as she could not return to the sea without it. She cried great tears from her dark, pleading eyes. The young man, known as Bill Holm, was unmoved (he was too overwhelmed by... amorous... feelings) and demanded she become his wife.

At first life wasn't too unpleasant. Haddy learned to cook and sew and be a good human housewife, and Bill was quite happy to have one of the most gorgeous girls in all the islands. However, selkies and humans have very little in common, and though his new wife was quite beautiful, Bill became bored rather quickly. Haddy was interested in fish, and currents, and fish, and lying on rocks in the sun, and fish, while Bill was more interested in dice games and *ahem* romance and getting drunk and playing association football. Haddy was not at all interested in romance and did not like Bill any more as time went by, and never longed for her skin any less. As years passed, and Haddy grew more and more despondent, ignoring Bill whenever possible and searching and searching for her seal-skin, Bill started to become very depressed himself, and quite angry, as he blamed Haddy for his unhappiness. Of course Haddy blamed him for her unhappiness, and they got into screaming rows every night. Bill started to drink too much, and gamble too much, and was often out of work; since Haddy had few marketable skills, their financial situation was in ruins. Things deteriorated until finally Bill, furious with Haddy spending yet another day fishing and searching for her seal-skin, demanded a divorce.

Haddy was all too happy to oblige, and asked only that he return her seal-skin so that she could return home to her folks. However, Bill admitted that he'd lost her seal-skin gambling years before. Haddy desperately attempted to track it down, but the man who had won it had sold it shortly thereafter to a merchant from the South, who had sold it in an open market, and Haddy could not find hide nor hair of it, though she tried for several years.

Haddy supported herself as a cook in various inns and taverns, buying every seal-skin and item made of seal-skin that she could, eventually aquiring a very large collection. Unfortunately, none are her own.

When Haddy met Cooper in a disreputable tavern on the docks, she met a kindred spirit. Cooper offered Haddy a job on The Maledict, which allowed her to travel, and suited her temperament much better.

On the side, Haddy helps other selkies find their skins, many of which have found their way into her collection. For a fee, of course.

Personality: Haddy is, in a word, bitter. She's a consummate misandrist who feels all human men are lazy, slovenly, selfish pigs, though she feels little better about human women. Being territorial, like all seals, she's also extremely protective of her kitchen, and is dangerous if she feels any part of it is threatened. She refuses to let any seal be harmed by the crew of The Maledict, and Cooper, showing rare compassion, has made it a rule. Haddy is given to biting.

Other: Almost everything Haddy cooks has fish in it. Though normally she tends to stick to good staples like fish chowder, on one memorable occassion she served the entire crew a breakfast of fish pancakes. Haddy is terrified of sharks.

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