Character Details - Tanith Stormeye

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Tanith StormeyePhysical Description
Name: Tanith Stormeye
Meaning of Name: Serpent Lady
Race: Half-Elven
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Hair: Raven-black waves that fall to just below her shoulder-blades when loose.
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Complexion: Golden-Bronze
Height: 5' 10"
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks: A tattoo of a blue-green sea serpent coiled around her navel.
Clothing: Favours loose-fitting white shirt with billowing sleeves pulled tight at the wrist, dark-blue trousers and soft leather boots mostly for the sake of practicality. She will sometimes be seen in light, colourful skirts of the women of Spillwaters though, in which case she will almost always be barefoot.
Possessions: The 'Dreamers' Necklace', made of antique-silver-coloured metal and blue stones with dwarven runes near the clasp, has an aura of old power which has not yet been fully explained. It is said to have been forged by the dwarves of Everfrost, and be linked to one of the live ships of the Sea of Dark Waters, before being bought for Tanith by Jeremy Brisky at the Mage Faire in Nilrem.

Personal Information
Personality: Adventurous and out-going, Tanith can be either friendly or abrasive on first meeting. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and is known to speak her mind without much thought for tact or diplomacy.
Occupation: Thief
Abilities: Skilled at picking locks, both normal and magical, Tanith is an accomplished thief. She has some magical abilities, inherited from her elven mother, but is more inclined to rely upon her quick wits and fast reflexes. These abilities, when she does use them, include the capability of shaping, finding and/or bending any water source for ones own personal use/gain, and the ability to understand, speak and command any creature born of the sea, river or lakes. With the latter, she has a particular affinity for different types of serpent. In addition she has picked up a few other tricks on her travels, such as the ability to make herself go unnoticed (very useful for a thief).
Weapons Used: Kukri

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None
Brief History: Born in the city of Spillwaters on the edge of the Serpent Sea, Tanith is the result of a union between an elven female and a human male. It was the large globe placed in the centre of their city by Merlin himself that whetted the young woman's appetite for adventure. On that globe she could see all the continents and seas that could be found on the world the mage had created, and she wished to see them for herself. It was this that spurred her to voyage far away from her home city on one of the ships that made port in that trading capital.

That decision was the start of many adventures for the half-elf. She discovered an ability in herself for both theft and treasure-hunting, and the hunt for interesting artefacts has taken her all over Merlin and to worlds beyond. Often though the thrill for her is in the hunt, not the monetary value of the object. The greater the challenge, the rarer the object, the more interested she is in tracking it down.

It was on one of those adventures that she ran into Jeremy Brisky. Intrigued by his behaviour, she followed him into a shop known as Gallagher's. It was the start of a roller-coast ride around Merlin as the mage's rune stones dragged them hither and thither.

Other Information:
  • Many of her more magical abilities are tied to the oils and meat from the sea serpents of the Serpent Sea. These abilities begin to disappear if she does not partake of these oils and meats for extended periods of time. For this reason, like many of those who travel from Spillwaters, she usually carries bits of dried meat and oil with her.

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