Character Details - Ardril Telma

Written by GalainCreated : 2-Aug-2007 3:32:43 pm
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Physical Description

Name: Ardril Telma
Race: Elen
Age: 86,000 years, give or take a century
Apparent Age: 65
Height: Six feet
Build/Weight: Spare and lean
Hair: Gray and worn to his shoulders, but drawn back in a short ponytail
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Dark robe over light-colored trousers and shirt, very sturdy boots
Personal Items usually carried: Sketchpad, pencil, right angle, straight edge and measuring string

Personal Information

Personality: Possessed of a very dry sense of humor, sniffs a lot out of habit. Can be supercilious. If he finds a person to be facetious or silly he doesn't have much time for them. However, once one captures his affection he treats them well and kindly. Can be generous to a fault or the exact opposite.
Occupation: Royal Architect
Skills and Abilities: He is an artist who can design and build anything once he understands its bones and structure.
Weapons Used: He can wield a mean straight edge. Seriously, he is versed in the arts of archery and swordsmanship. He doesn't usually carry a weapon however and would be more likely to whack a person between the eyes with his pencil or the aforementioned straight edge. There are also various other uses for measuring string.

Background Information

History: (to be determined)
Marital Status: Married
Children: One daughter: Nenellra. who disappeared in her teenage years. It is important too to note that he loves Galain like a son and treats him thusly.

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