Character Details - Ceitidh

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Physical Description
Name: Ceitidh
Apparent Age: 
Height: 5'9"
Build: Curvy/athletic
Hair color/length: Long/curly/black
Eye color: Blue
Complextion: Pale
Appearance: Ceitidh favors both her mother and father's side. She has her father's black hair and blue eyes, but her mother's figure. Her curly black hair that can change in appearance if she is using heavy magic, reaches to the middle of her back and has beads, braids, and amulets through it. Her face is pale, but that is because she favors nights more than days. Her blue eyes, set beneath arched black brows, are an amazing deep blue which can only be compared to the ocean. Her face has two scars, one above her lip and one her left brow. Her lips are very full, but have no sweet seductiveness when she is issuing spells that can put a giant to his knees. Her normal dress includes black knee high boots, with tight black leather pants, a billowing black shirt, and a mask that coversto middle of her forehead to the middle of her nose.
All of her markings are man-made. She is covered with a number of scars that looked like they came from the edge of a sword.
One her shoulder, she has a tatoo of a dragon.
Her right ankle is circled with a celtic knot.
Her bicep is circled with a pattern of red and black runes for protection.
A large silver sword that can be portrayed freely when swinging at her side or hidden if stealth is needed in her cloak.
A dagger that is always present with her boot.
If in battle, she carries a quiver and a bow.
Around her neck, a thin silver chain holds an amulet so old that it is almost impossible to tell what it depicts. The meaning is unknown.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kate Beckinsdale in Underworld