Character Details - Solo

Written by Emily WyntersCreated : 18-Jul-2007 2:26:44 am
Last Edited : 15-Jun-2008 12:16:39 am

Solo (last name unknown); 672
Brown hair, nondescript 
black eyes, cold and hard
Wears black clothing, esp. when he wants to be intimidating, but prefers earth-tones.

He is a loner. No one is sure whether he's forgotten his name, or if he never had one in the first place, but he calls himself Solo. Solo is a businessman, above all, and he doesn't sell anything that can't make a profit. He's cold, calculating and emotionaly detatched from the entire world, but like the best businessmen, he can smile and act friendly when he wants to.

Solo owns a unique (but remarkably unnoticed) store, where it is said (but proabably isn't true) that you can buy anything, and sell your soul to the devil in the process. This store, while generating a massive amount of income, isn't often frequented by Solo. This probably has to do with the vampire club in the basement; Solo isn't very social, if it doesn't have anything to do with his business.

Flaws: He's really only got one, because when you're almost seven centuries old, and thought you had no feelings whatsoever, falling for a human is, well, one word for it is disasterous. Oh, and he's not very fond of rain.

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