Character Details - Kia Moreau

Written by Emily WyntersCreated : 14-Jul-2007 1:33:31 am
Last Edited : 9-Jun-2008 12:39:53 am

Kia Moreau; 23
Dark brown hair, reddish highlights
Dreamy, honey-colored eyes
approx. 5'4'' or 163 cm
Slender build, with a dancer's athletic body
Fair skin
Tatoos: Three ravens holding a ribbon that says Vixere Fortes Ante Agamemnona on her lower back. It translates as 'brave men lived before Agamemnon' and means that heroes exist, even if no one can remember them.

Kia wears comfortable clothing, jogging/pajama pants or slightly worn jeans, a little too big (but in a comfortable way, not an I-look-thirty-pounds-heavier way) T-shirts, and sneakers. She likes delicate, intricate jewlery, and usually wears a necklace. Also, Kia never goes *anywhere* without long gloves. She sometimes doesn't take them off even in her own home.

Kia is kind of shy and keeps to herself a bit, although she loves talking with people on the computer. She likes music and plays the violin and the piano. She also likes antique and victorian-looking things. She's a college student with a bit of a fortune from her great-grandmother, and is majoring in Music and Literature.

Flaws: Because she has aphephobia, or a fear of being touched, Kia always wears long gloves. She says she has a skin condition, and when people ask if it's contagious, she gives them vauge answers.  

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