Character Details - Ghetsuhm Olnelan

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Name: Ghetsuhm Olnelan
Race: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5'6"
Build/Weight: 55kg/120lbs
Hair: long, dark red, slightly wavy
Eyes: blue with white lines in the iris
Complexion: olive-toned skin
Identifying Marks (if present): Black dragon with emerald eyes wrapped around her upper right thigh and buttock

Ghetsuhm is a fundamentally passionate person. She has lost the restraints she kept on her own behaviour before her death, and given free rein to her appetites. She lives on the outside of her skin, and if you please her or piss her off, you'll know about it. She will NOT back down from a fight even when it might be in her own interests to do so. Still, she doesn't hold grudges. She won't carry out vendettas, but she will act against someone who she feels threatens her.

She loves Ravyel, genuinely but not possessively. She viscerally enjoys pleasing him, but does not display blind loyalty to him. The subservience she shows towards him is for the sake of mutual pleasure, not because she believes he is 'better' than her – any more or less than anyone believes that of their loved one. She recognises and values her own strengths and doesn't take kindly to anyone running her down or under-estimating her. Her ruthlessness is accompanied, but not tempered, by a keen intelligence, and an ability to perceive the feelings and motivations of others.

She is, largely, schizophrenic, and her moods swing dramatically. Generally, if faced with anger she will become angry, and if greeted with sadness she will be sympathetic. She has a tendency to attach strongly and irrationally to objects or animals, desperate for some kind of affection.

Ghetsuhm possesses The Talent and has no compunctions at all about using it. The force of will she brings to bear on it makes her Projective Ability particular strong, if unsubtle. She does not adhere to the Guidelines for its use.

She has a limited ability to defend herself, both with a blade, and unarmed. She's no match for a seasoned warrior, but she can put up a fight.

Important Things to Note:

The effect of Ravyel's blood on Ghetsuhm has only just begun. Therefore at the start of Olnelan Sar'Da, Ghet is:

- infertile

- human

- non-magical

She still, however, is formidably Talented. She cannot be out-and-out lied to without her detecting it, especially about how someone feels. There are a very few people she cannot read, and they will not be people who are prone to losing control of their emotions.

This charcter is a work in progress.

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