Character Details - Frenchy Bayard

Written by P. M.Created : 30-Jun-2007 9:33:30 am
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"Frenchy" Bayard

Human Male


"Frenchy" Bayard is a 4th generation descendant of Erland Bayard, and cousin to "Preacher" Gaston. Born in Louisiana, he has continued both the family traditions - horse ranching and highway banditry. His mother was a Seminole Indian, and his aunt is "Preacher"’s mother. He grew up listening to the tales of his elders, of how they left France and came to the New World. "Frenchy" enjoys imagining himself to be some form of French royalty, even now. He maintains that one day, descendants will return to France and reclaim their royal heritage.

However, starting a family is still some years in the future, as he shows no signs of settling down. Indeed, he displays all of the charm of his ancestor - with the rough-and-tumble manners of a frontier outlaw.

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