Character Details - Sorrow

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Physical Description
Known Name: Sorrow
Birth Name: Saoirse Morningstar (pronounced SEER-sha)
Meaning of Name: Freedom of the Morningstar
Nicknames: The Nightingale
Race: Tauremornan Elven and Anari
Age: see timeline
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Slim
Hair: Chestnut curls
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Creamy
Identifying Marks:

Personal Information:
Personality: Mercurial and whimsical, Sorrow's moods can shift in an instant between joy and pain, rage and laughter. Like a will o' the wisp, she is difficult to pin down, and it is hard to know which emotions are genuine and which are just an exceptionally good act.
Occupation: Chanteuse
Skills and Abilities: She has a rich contralto with which she can quite literally kill or cure. With her voice Sorrow can touch her audience and draw forth any emotion she chooses with her song, although her strength is with the darker emotions - hence her stage name. Rumour has it that she has even been able to induce members of her audience to commit suicide with just one song. She is a competent sorcerer but her ability is generally channelled through her musical skills. The reason for this is that she is a Dra'kar Sin'ra, or a Dragon Singer. This is an ancient magic bestowed on a few rare individuals by all the races of dragons.
Weapons Used:

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: Taken from her parents at birth, Sorrow knows very little about them and wants to know even less. She has been brought up by her Anari guardian, Cadoc, and he has been father, brother, mentor and perhaps even lover to her. The truth of their relationship is just yet another element of the mystery that surrounds her.

Other Information:
  • Being half-Anari, Sorrow's soul appears to look like a ball of light threaded with copper and forest green strands.
  • When using her Dragonsinger abilities Sorrow can sound as if she is being accompanied by an otherworldly choir.

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