Character Details - Andras

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Name: Andras
Meaning: "breath"
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Marital Status: widowed
Children: 1 son deceased
Special Gift: seer
Occupation: pickpocket/thief

When she was a child, Andras watched her mother endure persecution and even burning at the stake from the superstitious villagers who feared her abilities as a seer. Andras, twelve at the time of her mother's death, fled for her life and from her grief. When she was found asleep in a haystack, the kind farmer who found her took her in and raised her with his other three daughters. She spent the rest of her childhood denying the existance of her own seer powers.

When she was 18 she fell in love with and married a farmer. They had one child, a son. For several years the family enjoyed a peaceful, happy existance. Then one day the family travelled to the city for the annual festival. Andras' husband and son disappeared and after several hours searching, were found in an alley with their throats slit. The local sheriff assured her that these sorts of incidents were unfortunately not uncommon in the city, especially at festival. But Andras could never shake the feeling that there was something more--some foul play. However, having no evidence to support her beliefs, she eventually was forced to face her grief and fend for herself.

Not able to bear going back home, Andras took to roaming about large towns and cities. She has a natural gift for pick-pocketing and occasionally attempts larger scale thievery when the need arises. She makes money selling the items she lifts off of stores and businesses. It isn't a life she loves, but she has become somewhat hardened to feelings of guilt over her lawless lifestyle.

Andras is unobtrusive and can blend in with her surroundings, but she's also very sociable when she needs to be. Her seer skills aid her in this, although most of the time she is unaware of it. She also experiences abnormal good luck in gambling and enjoys throwing back a mug of ale over a friendly game of dice.

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