Character Details - Medrawd

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Age: 29 - has died and been brought back to life; he now remains this age permanently

Height/Build: 5'10" and 135lbs; strong, muscular

Hair: black, often with a bluish sheen

Eyes: Blue-black; dark fire behind the pupils

Clothes: all sorts, depending on his disguise, like wearing colours

Personal items: the fingerbone of his mother which he cut from her as she lay dying; he wears it around his neck on a platignum chain.

Profession: wizard and potential necromancer

Abilities: able to transform into a green dragon. Description (from some poor idiot who he nearly devoured) – a large green dragon, at least twelve feet long. Its head is depicted of a very large size, with a terrible aspect, a red mouth, and a forked tongue. The wings are elevated and expanded, and it is web-footed. It has scales of green and gold, two web-footed legs, two wings, and a long a formidable tail. The head glares backwards with red mouth gaping and forked tongue sticking out. Its wings seem to be flapping and the great tail is angrily twisted back.

Temperament: volatile, fiery, often sullen "black dog", full of anger and hatred against his father whom he killed in his first life; wants power to control things; never sated, always hungry for more power; cannot accpet dying.

Brith: incestuous son of Artur, sometime king of Britain, and Morganna, sister to Artur; the conception was brought about by Morganna as the beginning on her vengeance on Artur, the son of the man who killed her father.

Further Notes - Medrawd also calls himself Amhar. The name comes from that of a villain/hero who was killed by his own father in the Kingdom of Ergyng where medrawd spent his youth with his half-brother Gwain.

Medrawd was buried - after the battle at Kelliwick - at "Licat Amr" in Ergyng, also called Wormelow Tump. His grandfather, Uther, had a castle near there at a place called Kington, or possibly Kingstone. His half brothers Gawain and Gereint held land near there too. Gawain owned "Hellens" at Much Marcle.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Johnny Depp