Character Details - Jehanne Kirke

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Age                     27, permanently through her magic

Height                 5’4”

Build/Weight      110lbs, UK size 10, slight, lithe, flexible like a dancer

Hair                    Platinum blonde

Eyes                    Blue: a dark light shines through them when she’s “working”

Complexion        Fair

Identifying Marks      None

Clothing              Jeans; soft fabrics, silk, tight to show her figure

Personal equipment   A green-stone ring; gift from her Fferyllt master, Morningstar.

Temperament     Jehanne appears light and bubbly – this is usually a disguise, inside she is deep and hidden. All her best friends are dead – as she’s a Necromancer

Profession          Necromancer

Birth                   Born to an Ellylldan (a Welsh Elf) mother and a human father

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sarah-Michelle Geller