Character Details - Daniel Farwalker

Written by WaldoCreated : 6-Jun-2007 2:32:54 am
Last Edited : 6-Jun-2007 2:38:50 am

A changeling, left behind in the world of mortals Daniel's otherworldliness was soon realized.  His human "mother" fled with him and raised him alone, taught him how to be mortal, how to live a normal life. 

But, he couldn't, he heard, too often, the whispers of trees, and the secrets of ravens.  He saw too many fleeting shadows, too many eyes peering from the hole of tree.  He reached fifteen, he was tall, pale, his eyes almost glowed at night, one deep green the other sky blue. 

He left home then following the voice of someone called Mr. Goodfellow.  He has walked far and through many worlds, he finds no real place to lie and rest

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