Character Details - Kay Amo

Written by WaldoCreated : 6-Jun-2007 12:12:06 am
Last Edited : 6-Jun-2007 12:18:53 am

Kay Amo is a gnome from the northern reaches of the Femper Kingdom.  He began life as an apprentice to his alchemist father, but seeing that the life of a potion maker wasn't for him, he was given to an elven entertainer to train in the Southern Shadows of the Moon a performing troupe. 

While in the troupe he mastered his innate illusion talent and learned performance fighting and songs from the furtherst lands.  There he met his first and truest love, a human girl orphaned and taken in by the troupe.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Any smiling man with a kind face, about middle age