Character Details - Lesedi Aygül

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Name: Lesedi Aygül
Meaning of Name: Light of the Moon Rose
Race:  Nocturne Human
Age: 20
Height: 5' 6"
Build/Weight: Slim
Hair: Mid-back, Black, Thick and slightly wavy if worn loose, but often restrained in a lot of tight, thin braids.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Complexion: Dusky, 'Cafe au lait'
Identifying Marks (if present):
Clothing: Generally practical in design, such as combat trousers and plain cotton shirt.

Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None

Skills and Abilities:

Weapons Used:

Personality: Impulsive and occasionally prone to taking risks, Lesedi is nonetheless usually close-mouthed about herself and her friends, wary of who might be listening. She can be determined and stubborn, unwilling to let anything stand in the way of her goals and objectives.

Other Information: The only daughter, and youngest child, of Haidar and Johari, Lesedi was brought up on the outskirts of Babylon. She was only seven years old when her parents were killed by the Demonii who controlled that city for their part in the Resistance movement, leaving her and her older brother, Lavi, orphaned. Out of pity for the children, and respect for their parents, some of the local resistance took them both in, but it was Lavi who truly brought up his younger sister.

Both siblings have been active in the resistance from a very early age as might perhaps be expected given their upbringing, however it was Lavi who became near fanatical in his desire to destroy the Demonii. This was a hatred that Lesedi understood and yet feared the consequences of, a fear that has appeared to have been realised in recent months with Lavi's disappearance. Desperate to find out what has happened to her brother, Lesedi began to take more risks herself in the hope of discovering whether he is alive... or dead. But it was in vain. Eventually, the young woman had no choice but to make her escape from a world where she was at risk and venture out to make a new life for herself.

Interesting Facts:
  • Lesedi will be distrustful of any 'angelic' or 'demonic' looking being, even if they are not Seraphii or Demonii, until they have proven themselves.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

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