Character Details - Jack Hutchens

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Physical Description:
*Name: Jack Hutchins
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Human
*Age: 24
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 6'3
*Build/Weight: 198lbs /lean muscular
*Hair: brown
*Eyes: bright gold
Complexion: clear
*Identifying Marks (if present): hands are scarred from sculpting
Clothing: t-shirts and tight jeans usually
Personal Items usually carried: id, credit cards, gum

Personal Information:
*Personality: He is kind and generous, with a mischevious streak a mile wild.
*Occupation: sculpter
*Skills and Abilities: sculpting and other forms of artistry
*Weapons Used: none although he's handy with a chisel

Background Information:
*History:He grew up a normal kid. He lived in a small, but comfortable home with loving parents, Eric eventually went to college although he kept to himself for those years having very few friendships. In his third year he apprenticed in Italy where he really found his love of marble and sculpting. Finally finished with his studies he came home and began scuplting in earnest. Although he is not as big as he may have been in Europe he chose to come home, not wanting the celebrity he may have found elsewhere. His work is personal, sad and thought provoking and sometimes erotic. Although that was not his intention. He shows very few of his pieces, his most personal he keeps in his apartment away from prying eyes.
*Marital Status: single
*Children: none
*Bonds: none
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