Character Details - Galen Alcarin

Written by GalainLast Edited : 10-Jan-2008 11:52:07 am

Basic Characteristics

Age: 13 (Wandering Inn), 16 or 17 as ofTime of Awakening at Whispin.
Race: S'Hean, Elen, human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Black
Height: Will be around six feet, two inches
Markings: D'Riel Insignia on left shoulderblade

Galen is the son of Glory Alcarin and Ibex Hyena. He is a troubled child, perhaps a direct result of his difficult birth when his mother refused to use the S'Hean method of water birthing. For now he is merely mischievous and slightly destructive. Galen enjoys exploring, especially as he grows older and hides his grief for his deceased sister, stepmother and missing siblings beneath a facade of mischief and bravado.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Guy Pearce