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Pronouncing Y'Roden D'Riel
AGE: 3654 (As of The Awakening)
RACE: Human/S'Hean Elf
Hair: Chestnut sporting one silver streak at right temple
Eyes: Emerald Green - Faceted and Cat slit
Complexion: Golden Tan
Height: 6'2
Build: Heavy muscled, wide shouldered (dense build due to heavy gravity of home planet)
Weight: 250 lbs
Meaning of his name: Sword of Peace Surging Soul
Occupation: King of S'Hea
Marital Status: Married Ghetsuhm Riker

Demon Self:
Ravyel Nodvig Olnelan(unknown to everyone but Ghetsuhm)
Meaning of Name: Demon Blood Son of Darkness
Appearance: muscle bound, protruding horns, wings, long black spikes in place of hair
Color: Bone White
Height: 7'
Weight: 350 lbs


Y'Roden is a complicated persona, a deep combination of light and dark attributes. In general he is friendly, has a great sense of humor that lands rather on the naughty side, and likes just about everybody... until they cross him. When angered he is a force to be reckoned with, the phrase 'The bigger they are the harder they fall' does not apply here. Despite a massive build due to his Whispin heritage, the half-elf is possessed of an agility that belies his size. Ro is stubbornly loyal to those he loves, he has and will kill to protect them. Ro has a passion for pain, taking great pleasure in his own agony. He loves Brandy perhaps a little to much, and his appetite for many things has become legend. Most precious to Ro are his wife Ghettie, his thirteen children and his adopted daughter Shadow.

BEWARE THE DEMON-ELF: At the tender age of ten Ro and his family (except An'Thaya) were accidently sent into a dark dimension. It was here that the Demoness Samara took possession of him and broke Y'Roden to her will. Still a child, he developed a second personality and the Ro we all know and love was buried deep in his psyche. He remained this way for eight hundred years, until Corin was brought back to Whispin and he was sent to the Crystal Keep to heal.
When incited to anger or in massive pain the Demon takes him over. In the past, it was a mental condition, but since Shattered Web, the Demon has taken on physical form.

Visible Markings:
Left Shoulderblade: D'Riel Insignia inset with small D'Riel emeralds.
Below Navel: Faint Quicksilver symbol tattoo, symbol of his relationship with Ghetsuhm.
Left Wrist: Blackthorn Dragon, BattleBond to Callan Blackthorn
Right Collarbone: Panther lounging on sword, Parental bond to Shadow .
Over Heart: Indigo Scarab with gold wings clutching emerald D'Riel signia, symbol of his soul-merge with Ghetsuhm. (Appears during Cracked Mirror)

Y'Roden's body has a fine webbing of scars, but below is a listing of the most noticeable ones.
Abdomen: A deep and ragged scar, it breaks open and bleeds when Samara the Demoness seeks control of him.
Heart: A puncture wound marks the place where Ghet took his life at his request, using his dagger. During Cracked Mirror it is hidden by the Scarab mark.
Back and Chest: A puncture mark where an arrow peirced him AND Railen Rossevirin.
Hair: Silvery-white streak of hair from right temple to back of head.

Trousers - tight black Whispinian leather (breathes better than Terran leather) with laces at the front
Shirt - generally a loose fitting black with an open v laced at the front, long sleeves. When 'being king' he generally switches to a black doublet trimmed with D'Riel emerald green.
Boots - heavy soled hunting boots laced at the side, come up to just below the knee

Skills and Abilities: Unmatched Swordsman who has been many things in his life including a tyranical Demon Warlord and a Ra'Vidden of S'Hea. He is terrifying in battle and despite his size, quick and lethal with his bastard sword. He is also extremely proficient in hand to hand combat. Not so great with a bow though.
Magic: He is an acomplished Aethyr Mage of the highest level, and being a D'Riel he possesses a Conduit that can magnify magic by ten. He also absorbs any magic or talent the conduit can latch onto, and remembers how to use it.
Musican, Artist.

Bastard Sword:
The sword of Tager Terne, his childhood Mentor. The hilt is set with D'Riel Emeralds, the blade is strapped in a harness to Ro's back.
Brace of Throwing Daggers:
Forged by An'Thaya, worn across chest
Wrist Dagger:
Strapped to his inner wrist
Aethyr Mage, spirit magic pulled from life forces around him.
D'Riel Conduit:
A magnifying glass for power. He can take the spell of another mage and increase it tenfold in the casting. A skill used sparingly.

Bonds and Relationships:

Ghetsuhm Riker: Y'Roden's wife, Soulmate and Queen, mother to Rhagi, R'Avyen and Den'Ayat. During Cracked Mirror the two form a Soul-Merging that goes deeper than any normal 'soul bond'.
Callan Blackthorn:
Blood Battle-Bond to the Black Dragon Emperor
Shadow Silverleaf:
Parental Bond, Father/Daughter bond crosslinks them on the Web and ties Ro into the Silverleaf Tapestry.
The D'Riel Web:
Y'Roden is King of S'Hea, and Patriarch to the D'Riel Web. Every D'Riel, or person with D'Riel blood in their system, is linked the Web. Y'Roden is the nexus of the Web, and thus has a direct link to each and every one of them.

Note: check homesite for past relationships.


Borne by Summerlin Alcarin:
Valin, B'Ryan, B'Ryen and Si'Lyen D'Riel
Borne by Greka Sven:
Y'Roce D'Riel
Borne by Saliyah Mornay:
Imoreki D'Riel
Borne by Arianne (Silverthorn) D'riel:
Fechine, Drysi, Yseult and B'Roden D'Riel
Borne by Ghetsuhm Riker Alcarin:
Rhagi Riker D'Riel, R'Avyen and Den'Ayat D'Riel

Adopted Daughter

Shadow Silverleaf:
Y'Roden has officially adopted her as his daughter. Click Here for more Info

Step Children

Fionna Black:
She is the daughter of Silverthorn Badb Catha, but Ro and Fionna still maintain a close relationship, he was the one to give her away at her wedding to Tobin.
Marius Agrippa: Son of Ghetsuhm Riker and Galain Alcarin, he remains highly displeased with his mother's choice to leave Galain and marry Y'Roden. The two do not cross paths often, but it is Ro's natural inclination to just not push the issue.
Aarien Alcarin: Daughter of Ghetsuhm Riker and Galain Alcarin, she spends a great deal of her time in Alcarinque. A firey little thing she won Ro's heart from the get go and he adores her, the two share an amicable relationship so far, though she is highly displeased with her new little brothers.


Valin and Anaya D'Riel:
Ce'Leste, Va'Lan and An'Lin D'Riel

Spirt GrandChild

Br'Ytha D'Riel:
Br'Ytha died before her birth, but still exists in spirit. Her father was one of Ro's twins with Summerlin, her Mother Melaina Alcarin.

Items Always Found on Ro's Person:

Y'Roden's hair is generally short, but he does wear one small, but long braid that tucks behind his right ear in honour of Saliyah Mornay. There is now a small feather woven into it, a gift from Shadow that marks him as part of her family.
Holy Feather Pendant:
a gift given to him by Shadow, always worn and generally tucked beneath his shirt.
The Ironwood Bow:
A large bow made specifically for the half-elf's heavy gravity strength, it will not break. The arrows are tipped with dragon steel and will penetrate just about anything.
Tager's Sword: See Bastard-Sword in Weapons Section
Dina: -
an emerald-green stone with threads laced through it. A living stone that speaks only to Ro, set in the pomel of his Bastard Sword. A gift from Drake on his birthday.
The Demon Amulet -
blood-red stone containing Samara's soul.
S'Hean Wedding Cuff - Theadenya cuff around right bicep, an eternity symbol set with an emerald and a ruby that signifies his marriage to Ghetsuhm


Stage 1 (Childhood): Born Prince of Corin, lived a fairly normal life up to the age of 10. Swept into the dark dimension of Tenobrous with the City of Corin – forced along with everyone else to struggle for survival.

Stage 2 (Fall to Darkness): 20 yrs Captured by the Demoness Samara Mirage, tortured and subverted into a creature called The Demon Elf. Reigned supreme for nearly eight hundred years as a Warlord in Tenobrous, torturing and killing his own people.

Stage 3 (Enlightenment): 810 yrs Captured by An'Thaya and B'Rodyn D'Riel, returned to Whispin. Sequestered in the Crystal Keep under Arminiea's care for a thousand years. Sent out into the world to discover who he was again. Meets the friends that will mold his life, and the woman who will change it forever – Ghetsuhm Riker.

Stage 4 (Personality and Relationship Formation): 3059 years of age, takes Ghet as a lover, despite her marriage to Chase. Enters a relationship with Summerlin Alcarin and becomes a father for the first time. Thus begins the path to learning what it is to love someone else more than yourself – be it a lover or your child. Begins to solidify into the man he will become, forming his own set of morales and sense of honour. Experiences heartbreak for the first time when he learns Ghet is in love with Galain – and the loss of Summerlin to another man.

Stage 5 (Maturity): 3611 yrs By this stage he is father to many children by many different mothers. He has loved two women but has never settled down. Believing he knows what he wants, he breaks off his relationship with Ghetsuhm (the two have remained lovers all this time) despite the pain it causes them both. Begins a relationship with Silverthorn Badbcatha and eventually marries her. During Shattered Web both his father and cousin are murdered, leaving him as Monarch of two kingdoms. Giving Corin to Valin, he becomes King of S'Hea.

Stage 6 (Self Realization): 3648+ yrs Eventually, after releasing Silverthorn from their marriage after years of frustration and pain – he comes to realize that it is Ghetsuhm he has truly loved all this time. An agonizing decision for her ends Ghet's marriage to Galain and she becomes, at long last, Y'Roden's wife and Queen. It is here that Ro finds true peace and happiness through their love, their children and eventually, their soul-merge. It is also during this time that he finally comes to accept that he is the Demon Elf, that he is guilty of all the Demon's crimes, and that he must merge the two halves of his personality if he is ever to truly find balance.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Y'Roden cannot be read by empaths or psi talents, he is like a big black hole to them despite his own natural telepathic talents as a S'Hean Elf, and the absorption of Ghet's 'Talent' through his conduit.
  • Y'Roden can take a piece of silver and work with it until he can easily weave it into a bracelet or something else. It’s a skill that his adopted-daughter Shadow taught him.
  • Y'Roden's scent is reminiscent of warm thyme, sandalwood and cloves. There may also be a hint of strawberry due to the shampoo and soap used in S'Hea.
  • The half-elf is ambidextrous but most often he appears to be a south-paw (left handed)
  • A magically refilling flask of Cherry Brandy can generally be found on Ro's person, he is a pretty heavy drinker. (though never around his younger children)
  • Ro is an emetophobe. Emetophobia is defined as a fear of vomiting and people who suffer from it are known as emetophobes. Emetophobes fall into two categories: those who primarily fear themselves vomiting and those who primarily fear other people vomiting. Ro is one of the second – it is difficult to pinpoint when he developed the phobia, but it likely has something to do with emotional and physical trauma in his youth at the hands of Samara Mirage. It might also simply be a horrified reaction to a waste of food.
  • Though his eyes are generally cat-slit and faceted emerald green, when he is angered, Ro's irises bleed out to crimson.
  • Y'Roden is a sado-masochist, pain generates as pleasure for him and he enjoys inflicting pain as much as recieving it.
  • When Ro is using 'Aethyr' the scent of 'ozone' will permeate the air
  • His favourite colours are Indigo and denim blue
  • When he is upset he tends to ruffle his hair, a nerve tends to jump in his jaw as well
  • Water is irresistable to S'Hean elves, as a result Ro is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself
  • The quickest way to rile the half-elf is to mistreat his wife
  • Ro is a hedonist, and so is his wife so its probably best to cover one's eyes and whistle dixie if one is easily offended.
  • At one point, Y'Roden was a Demon Warlord. He is highly skilled in weaponry and a talented Mage as well, in battle he generally has the upper hand so picking a fight with him probably isn't the wisest idea.
  • On planets with lighter gravity than Whispin's (which would be nearly all of them aside from Arun) Ro is faster and more lethal than usual.
  • During a fight Ro's shirt (if he is wearing one to begin with) almost always gets ripped to shreds, he is like the elven version of James T. Kirk.
  • Reknown for appetites of all sorts, Ro can clear a buffet table in record time, so if you are hungry I'd get there before he does... or any other D'Riel in the room.
  • When healing someone else's wound, it will reappear on him and then heal rapidly
  • After Cracked Mirror, Y'Roden and Ghetsuhm are so closely soul-bonded they are 'one', what one feels, hears and sees, so does the other, please keep this in mind when interacting with either of them.
  • When content and feeling 'pleasure', Ro has a tendance to 'purr' in the S'hean fashion
  • Y'Roden is a talented musican, and plays the S'Hean Guitar. He has written a lovesong or two for his wife over the years and can sing as a baritone or a tenor. (S'Hean Vocal Chords) He was taught to play when he was about 2100 years old and serving as a Ra'Vidden in S'Hea, by Tre'Ver A'Ren. His guitar was a gift from Tre'Ver
  • Y'Roden is also a talented artist and he loves to paint -- his favourite subject is Ghetsuhm. The naked portrait of her in the Council room was painted by Y'Roden himself.
  • Y'Roden once had a pet Skitfiz from Arlsyn (a small lizard that generates an electric shock) named Roth
  • Y'Roden has two Obsidian Stallions, Ziv (Black) and Losse (White Gold)

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