Character Details - Marcus Ethan Cole-Silverwing

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 31-May-2007 9:29:48 pm
Last Edited : 31-May-2007 9:33:39 pm

Age:  Currently 4 years and getting older
Height: Changes by the month
Weight:  ditto 
Eyes:  Cobalt Blue

Son of Drake and Willow Cole-Silverwing. 
Nature:  Independent, outspoken, ready to take on the world.

Skills:  He is a four-year, filled with magic that he doesn’t understand, refuses most of the time to control.

What he wants to do:  Be like his daddy, be a Knight of the Crystal Rose.

(A work in progress)


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kevin Corcoran
Matt Dallas