Character Details - Abel

Written by abelkindCreated : 28-May-2007 3:54:59 am
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Name..Abel   (Our gift)

Race...Half Dryad (Mother) Half Human (Father)

Age 17

Height 5'6''

Weight 126lb

Hair.....shoulder length, black, straight


Complexion....Lightly tanned

Marks....Small tattoo of a oak leaf on right upper arm

Clothes....Tan coloured tunic, matching leggings, hide ankle boots,

Personality... Very quiet, but very headstrong and stubborn. Friendly and generous to friends, suspicious of strangers.


Skills......Bow, Healing, Chameleonist (blends into tree bark)

Weapons....Bow and knife.

Abels mother was a Dryad, father Human. When they fell in love, her mother was banished from the kingdom as any relationship with non Dryad was considered unacceptable, and any offspring an abomination. Abel was born, and the three of them moved about the country working where possible, Abels mother taught her about herbalism and Dryad magic, and helped her understand as much as she could about her Dryad roots. Her father taught her to hunt with the bow and how to survive in the forest. When Abel was 10 they were attacked and her mother was killed and her father left for dead and Abel was abducted. She spent the next 3 years in servitude. When she was 13 her father found her and rescued her with the help of some friends. She and her father worked for a Duke as servant and guard/hunter respecivley, until the Duke was overthrown by his brother and her father killed in the battle and she was kicked out, she was 16, and now she wanders the country again healing for food and money. She desperately wants to settle somewhere.

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