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Lancelot's Theme

Clan: Ventrue
Age: Unknown
Hair: Chestnut or Silver
Eyes: Dark Brown, almost Black
Height: 6'1
Marital Status: Blood Kiss, Faith DuLac

A collector of fine horses and weapons, Lance is driven by business interests and the well being of the Kindred in general. He is a true Ventrue, caught in the time of his embrace and holding true to the person he was then.
Lancelot is indeed the man of legend, however, he did not die on the British Isles. Due to his Royal lineage and status as a Knight he was sought out, embraced by the Ventrue and taken off planet to Alexia. His Sire was Silkwood Delannay, a woman of incredible beauty and passion, but Lance could never love her. His heart belonged to his long lost Gwen, and no other woman could ever take her place.
He returned in rare instances to Terran, the first time to embrace his biological son Galahad, on another he met Faith Hawking, and realized his Gwen had been reborn. Fate intervened yet again, however, and he held his tongue, for she was the wife of another and in time, she was embraced into the Toreador clan after nearly dying at the hands of Rauldac.
It was only until the death of her husband, Nitewings Hawking, that Lancelot let his feelings be known, and much to his suprise and joy, found that they were returned. The couple shared but a brief moment before both were cut down by Rauldac Sagan.
Now he resists awakening from Torpor, for despite being named Suzanne's successor, he does not care to live without Faith.

Faith is the love of Lancelot's life, his Gwen reborn. The bloodkiss they shared before Alexia's near destruction bound them as one forever, and it is that which keeps him from fading from existance. Where there is love, there is hope, when soul and body reunite, Faith will be his eternal mate.

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